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Possible Fixes for PS5 Randomly Shutting Off By Itself

These are some weird settings!

So you’re enjoying playing games with your PS5 and suddenly out of nowhere it turns off. That’s not good, nobody want’s that, so why is it doing that? Much like PC troubleshooting there’s a lot of possible reasons for this happening, maybe it’s a one-off thing, maybe it’s game doing it, maybe it’s a recent update that they messed up. There’s a lot of reasons and a lot of fixes there and you’ll have to apply those fixes until one of them works. In this guide we’ll show you some possible fixes you can do to prevent your PS5 from randomly shutting down.

PS5: Possible Fixes For Randomly Shutting Off By Itself

One of the main reasons for this that not a lot of people think about is your PS5 having too much dust inside. As you play games or even just leave it be for a long period of time it’ll accumulate dust and this will make your PS5 overheat and turn off automatically. Remember to always clean your PS5 by blowing it with compressed air or just have it cleaned by a professional.

If overheating is not your issue then go try these other fixes.

One fix is to go to your Settings menu which is next to your profile picture at top of the main menu. There you’ll find the HDMI settings and you can then turn off Enable HDMI Device Link.

You can also go to the Power Saving Setting and go to Set Time Until Ps5 Enters Rest Mode.

From there you can set both Media Playback and Playing Games to “Don’t Put in Rest Mode.” I don’t know why they though it would be a good idea to add this in but hey, you can turn it off at least.

Congratulations you now know some possible fixes for your PS5 randomly shutting off by itself. Hopefully these fixes work for you so that you can play your video games in peace!

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