Project Slayers: Best Method to Farm WEN | Update 1.5

New weapons, more Wen grinding.

Project Slayers 1.5 Best Method to Farm WEN
Project Slayers 1.5 Best Method to Farm WEN

Some of the new items that have been added to Project Slayers with the 1.5 update cost a lot of Wen. But since weapons like the Polar Katana and Devourer Katana have become the new meta you’re probably looking to ways to grind for them. And items like the Devourer Fan and Devourer Scythe cost 300k Wen, so where are you going to get all these Wen?

One of the obvious ways is to sell your items. But you probably don’t want to end up emptying your entire inventory for this, so keep reading for the better, faster way to get your Wen.

Best Method to Farm WEN

Doing effective dungeon runs is by far, the best way to get your Wen. Dungeon runs grant you points, which can then be exchange for rewards of your choice. One of options is Wen! For 25 points, you can exchange for 100 Wen.

Project Slayers 1.5 Best Method to Farm WEN

The harder the dungeon is, the more points you can get after finishing the run. The Ouwigahara Dungeon is the currently best place to grind given that you’re around level 150 or better. A solo run can get you anywhere between more than 1000 points to 3000.

It gets even faster if you can find teammates to play the dungeon with. You can grind up to 10k points with a good team in this dungeon, which saves you a lot more time.

But don’t go exchanging your points just yet. To make full use of your points, check out the store and find this item. Get the 2x Wen boost for 15 minutes before exchanging. This will bump up the 100 Wen per 25 points to 200 Wen per 25 points.

Project Slayers 1.5 Best Method to Farm WEN

This means if you have, for example, 5000 dungeon points, you can get 40k Wen instead of just 20k Wen. The buff costs one ore per use, but because dungeon points don’t carry over, you want to make these runs as effective as possible, so bring over friends to make it more worthwhile.

And that’s the best way to grind for Wen in Project Slayers 1.5 update! Got a better method? Share it with us and others in the comments!

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