Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: Monkey See Trophy Guide

Become the monkey master that you know you are!

There are a lot of fun side quests in Ghost of Tsushima, and, with the release of the director’s cut of the game, Iki Island offers very entertaining quests for you to do as you come back for another round of gameplay. For this very special trophy, the Monkey See trophy, you will need to serenade a few monkeys that are spread around on the map of Iki Island. How to find them and how to court them, you will see in this quick and easy to follow guide, provided by us!

Monkey See Trophy Guide – Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

To find these monkey statues that you’ll have to sing to, you’ll first have to travel to Saruiwa and climb up the mountain:

  1. Hear no Evil

    You will see a path that has at its entrance two monkey statues on both sides of the road that looks like the picture below.
    You’ll have to climb up the mountain, instead of going the narrow path through the mountain, and pass a rope at the top to reach a monkey statue that has its hands over its ears.
    Here, you have to play the flute when you’re next to it. How? Just swipe touchpad left. If you did the right thing, the screen will go into cinematic mode.

  2. See no Evil

    For the second one, return where you climbed before and find a narrow path that will lead you somewhere upwards.
    You’ll see a little spot where you can climb down on your right. Look at the image below.
    You have to climb down there and you’ll find a monkey that has its hand over his eyes. Throw a smoke bomb in front of it to get another cinematic scene.

  3. Speak no Evil

    For the next one, climb back up and follow the path upwards. After a bit of parkouring, you’ll have to get down from the mountain to the little lake down there.
    You can see it in the following image.
    Down there, to the left you will find the monkey that covers its mouth. You just need to bow down to it (Swipe touchpad down).
    To finish and get the trophy, you need to climb up to the top of the mountain, at the Monkey Sanctuary, and interact with the place.

You’ll sing a little song at the flute to a monkey and you’ll befriend it. After that you will get the trophy!

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