Project Slayers: BEST Solo Dungeon Guide | Update 1.5

Forge your path through victory in the challenging Solo Dungeon!

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The Solo Dungeon is one of the most important ways to progress in Project Slayers. This unique feature can be your gateway to valuable rewards. From points, experience, gold, to gear pieces like the Metal Scythe. 

In this guide, we will provide you with the information you need to farm the dungeon effectively. Before you start going on your adventure, let’s take a look at what you need to prepare, builds you need, and what is in the dungeon itself.

Blood Demon Arts and Breathing Styles

Blood Demon Arts (as a demon) are 1 of 2 ways players can deal most of their main damage and combos. The other way being Breathing Styles (as a human). To effectively do the dungeon, you can choose any Blood Demon Arts and Breathing Styles since any can be decent. 

Swamp BDA in Project Slayer

However, some of the better options for BDAs can be:

  • Reaper Demon Art. This art gives you insane speed and high damage which allows you to get close to your opponent. With speed, you can easily close the gap and use it to also dodge their attacks.
  • Swamp Demon Art. This art allows you to manipulate liquid and unleash a lot of AoE attacks. Most of the abilities from this BDA are in big area effects, which can be really useful.
  • Dream Demon Art allows the user to generate substances and biokinesis abilities. For example, with Flesh Monster, the player spawns a large abomination made of flesh to release 3 large AoE attacks
  • Ice Demon Art is a new addition to the Update 1.5. This allows you to control ice and launch frosty icicles at your enemies with high damage. Even though this has a shorter range of effects, it makes up for its high damage.

To obtain your first Blood Demon Arts, you first need to become a demon. This can be done by drinking Muzan’s Blood and reaching a minimum level of 15. After that, go to the Demon Art Spin NPC inside of Zapiwara Cave. Spinning can involve a lot of luck factors since you can either get a really good BDA, or even nothing.

Muzan's Blood in Project Slayer

If you decide to stay as a human, you can choose Breathing Styles to be your main source of damage. For Breathing Styles, here are some of the good options you can choose from:

  • Wind Breathing Style
  • Sound Breathing Style
  • Mist Breathing Style

To acquire Wind Breathing Style, you will have to be a human, reach level 12 and have 5,000 Wen. Then, you must then find the trainer of your chosen breathing style (Jinger – Wind Trainer).

To obtain Mist Breathing, you will need 10,000 Wen, level 75+ and 150 demon horns. From there, you must then find the trainer in Ouwohana, Mist Area.

Finally, in order to obtain Sound Breathing – a new feature in Update 1.5, you will need 13,000 Wen, 150 demon horns and level 75+. You can find your trainer in Ouwohana, Sound Cave.

Wind Breathing Style in Project Slayer

One thing that all these Breathing Styles have in common is their ability to hit multiple enemies. With many bosses and monsters on you, area damage effects are useful. These BDAs either come with explosive abilities, area of effects, or really fast 360 degrees attacks.

What Gear You Need to Have

For Gear, consider the ones that give you the best stats in terms of damage and defense. However, since enemies are spread far away from each other, speed is an important stat. 

Some of the suggestions for your gear can be The Tengen Uniform. This top piece provides you with 5% exp, health, 15% speed boost, 40 stamina and 5% breathing damage. This uniform can be worn being a demon, but you won’t be able to benefit from the increased breathing damage.

Tegen Uniform in Project Slayers

The Polar Bottom, Top, and Mask are the best up until now thanks to the Update 1.5. These provide more Health, Stamina and Damage than the Devourer pieces. You can obtain these in dungeons with a 0.5% chance.

Polar Bottom in Project Slayers

Polar Top in Project Slayers

When it comes to scarves, you can choose the Uncertained Times Scarf which gives you some extra health at the cost of speed.

Uncertained Times Scarf in Project Slayers

Solo Dungeon Walkthrough

When the dungeon starts, you have 5 minutes to start defeating your enemies. For each enemy defeated, you get 2 seconds added to your timer.

Fight enemies in Project Slayers: BEST Solo Dungeon Guide | Update 1.5

As you play, events and challenges will be randomly generated. This can be a good thing for you, or a really bad thing if you don’t get the right buffs.

Multi Disaster in Project Slayers: BEST Solo Dungeon Guide | Update 1.5

Some of the good ones can be the Double Damage Event. A tip for you when there’s an event that turns enemies into stone, you don’t want to attack those enemies since they don’t add that extra 2 seconds to your timer.

Double Damage in Project Slayers: BEST Solo Dungeon Guide | Update 1.5

There are also bosses that spawn once in a while as you progress into the dungeon. On defeating these bosses, you will be given chests, exp and points. The chests can sometimes drop really good gear if you are lucky.

Dungeon Bosses in Project Slayer

Once your timer has run out, you can go to the shop and start trading for some rewards!

The Points Shop in Project Slayer

Here’s another tip, with ores you can get some amazing buffs. For example, you can get the 2x Wen for 15 minutes, or 5 Demon Arts Spins!

Ore Shop in Project Slayers: BEST Solo Dungeon Guide | Update 1.5

The thrilling Solo Dungeon holds the key to unlocking rewards, points, experience, gold and exclusive pieces of gear. Are you ready to push the boundaries and hop into the dungeon?

We hope that with all the information, you are now ready to go get the right builds for your character and start obtaining all those resources from the solo dungeon!

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