Project Slayers: BEST Breathing Style Tier List | Update 1.5

Become the best slayer.

Project Slayer is one of many Demon Slayer inspired games in Roblox. However, this one is one of the more popular ones, as it features more content compared to other Demon Slayer games. Just recently, they released update 1.5 that adds a plethora of new content, as well as some changes that affect the Breathing Style characters.

With these new changes, which of these characters now stand as the best, and worst? In this guide, I will show you the best Breathing Style characters in the game.

BEST Breathing Style Tier List

Breathing Style tier list in Project Slayers.

This tier list showcases the best characters at S Tier, and the characters below S Tier that aren’t that good, but can be used.

Here are those characters and their respective tiers:

S Tier

  • Muichiro – Mist Breathing: considered to be top of the line as it has skills that can block your enemy’s vision, allowing you to move around and attack from all sides.
  • Sanemi – Wind Breathing: allows the player to attack more defensively. If the player combines their attacks to form a combo, one can easily stagger an enemy and deal high damage.

A Tier

  • Inosuke – Beast Breathing: turns you into a powerful beast capable of doing tons of damage, but it does leave you open to attacks when you do combos.
  • Tengen – Sound Breathing: while it can be devastating with its explosions, it can be hard to chain combos with it due to the explosions often blowing your enemies away.

B Tier

  • Zenitsu – Thunder Breathing
  • Giyu – Water Breathing
  • Kyojuro – Flame Breathing
  • Shionobu – Insect Breathing
  • Snow Breathing

That’s our tier list for the best Breathing Stylesin Project Slayer. Do you agree with out tier list? Or would you make some changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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