Project Slayers: How to Get Rengoku’s Haori | Best Haori in the Game

Ain’t that the coolest looking Haori!?

Project Slayers Rengokus Haori

With the new 1.5 update for Project Slayers, a lot of content has been dropped. That means new things to grind, new items and gear to get and new content to go through. There’s a bunch of cool new gear that’s been added in the game and one of it is Rengoku’s Haori.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get this Haori in the game. So, let’s see what your options are to get this great item.

How to Get Rengoku’s Haori

There’s a bunch of new and cool items you can get with the big 1.5 update for Project Slayers. One of the items you can get is Rengoku’s Haori and it might be a bit tricky on how to get this one.

These are the ways you can get Rengoku’s Haori in the game:

  • Buy it through the cash shop using Robux.
  • Trade some of the new items for Rengoku’s Haori.

Detailed Walkthrough

Project Slayers Cash Shop

The most direct way of getting the Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers is to buy it from the cash shop. The item costs 550 Robux and once you buy, it’s yours to keep and do whatever you like with it. You can use it or trade it with other players.

That’s great and all but what if you don’t have Robux to buy that item? Well, the item doesn’t really spawn in-game and is only available in the cash shop. Unless you trade it from someone else.

Project Slayers Trading

The recent update added a lot more items in the game and some of them you can only get through grinding. One of the best examples is the Sound Katanas, which has a very low drop chance. On our guide on how to get the Sound Katanas we go more in-depth on the process so check that out!

You can look for other people that have Rengoku’s Haori and ask for a trade. Usually the new items that you grind for like the Sound Katanas is a good trade for them. So you can get the new items and look for people to trade.

That’s all the ways you can get Rengoku’s Haori in Project Slayers. You either pay with real life money or trade it for one of the new items in the game that you need to grind for. It’s up to you if you want to pay or grind but remember to do both moderately!

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