Project Slayers: How To Get War Fans Weapon | Update 1.5

Let’s get the War Fans!

The 1.5 update for Roblox Project Slayer is now live and has a lot to offer to the players! The new game update contains many new items, locations, and a broad range of improvements. But we are here to talk about weapons. So let’s say you are bored of using ordinary weapons like katanas. I mean yes, katanas are cool, but they are very basic too. Being a fan wielder and slaying the monsters in a cooler way does sound better to me. Luckily, Project Slayers’ creators understood our desire and introduced the War Fans weapon for Demons in update 1.5.

How To Get War Fans Weapon

The only method for finding the War Fans weapon is through any tier 5 chest, and they only have a %1 chance of being discovered. So, you basically need to go find tier 5 chests and cross your fingers, and hope that you are lucky enough to find them.

How To Get War Fans Weapon Project Slayers

But where and how are you going to find those tier 5 chests? They can drop from various bosses in the game. One of them is Douma, which is one of the new bosses that came up with the update. To find Douma, the first thing you need to do is go and talk to the Horse Guy and ask him to take you to Devourers Jaw.

Project Slayers Devourer's Jaw

Once there, go to the way we showed in the picture above.

Projects Slayers Devourer's Jaw

Turn left to see the entrance of a tunnel in front of you and go there.

How To Get War Fans Weapon Project Slayers

Walk forward for a while and then turn right. You will enter a tunnel.

How To Get War Fans Weapon Project Slayers

Take the first left and you will be in the place you will find Douma. However, this boss is quite strong so be careful while you are trying to beat it.

Project Slayers Douma

Once you beat the Douma, hopefully, it will drop a tier 5 chest.

Project Slayers Douma

However, if you don’t get a chest or can not find a War Fan in it, look to see that there is a text in the first place you encounter Douma stating that a new one would spawn every 15 minutes.

How To Get War Fans Weapon Project Slayers

You can wait for it to respawn every 15 minutes and you will hopefully find the War Fan in one of the chests it drops.

Abilities of War Fans

Assume you have finally discovered the fans you have been looking for. You may be wondering what this new weapon’s capabilities are. Let’s start with the first one: War Tornado.

When you press Z on your keyboard, the War Tornado ability is activated, allowing you to generate a forward-moving tornado that draws items and enemies toward yourself for 10 seconds.

The second ability is War Drums. This move’s key bind is X. When you press it, a 20% damage and 32.5% speed buff will be activated for 20 seconds.

That is all you need to know about how to get and use the War Fans weapon in the newest update of Project Slayers! We hope that our guide helped you through understanding this new weapon. Please leave a comment in the comment section if you have any questions.

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