Project Slayers: How to Level Up Fast | Update 1.5

Prepare yourself and go on a thrilling leveling spree!

Project Slayers: How to Level Up Fast | Update 1.5 Featured Image

Have you ever found an interesting feature in Project Slayers and excited to try it out? But you have encountered one problem, you do not have enough levels. In Project Slayers, leveling can help you reach new content and unlock more strengths for your character.

In this guide, we will provide you with one way to level up quickly! Using this awesome method, you will level up in no time. With enough levels, you can experience the content by yourself, or take some friends with you and enjoy the grinding process.

How to Level Up Fast in Project Slayers

There is only one requirement to this leveling method. You need to survive long enough to obtain at least 2000 Points in infinite dungeons and bring two ores with you.

What if you are too weak to even survive? You can always bring some friends with you to help you play these infinite dungeons. In under 15 minutes, you will be able to obtain 2000 Points and be ready to level up!

Simply queue up for the dungeon and start the process how you would usually do it. By doing the dungeon, not only will you get points but also potential drops, including the newest Polar clothing!

Endless Dungeon EXP in Project Slayers

After you have finished the dungeon, go to the menu store and open up the ore shop. You will see the option to purchase a double exp buff for 2 ores. These ores can be found in Tier 5, which shouldn’t take too long to get.

EXP Level Up Buffs in Project Slayers

Next, exit the menu. Then look around you in the shop for a glowing yellow jar, interact with it to start purchasing EXP. With 25 Points for each purchase, you can get up to 300 EXP, this can also further increase with the buffs!

Purchase EXP and Level Up Fast in Project Slayers

Keep clicking the button, as fast as you can and let the exp come in!

EXP in Project Slayers

With this method in mind, we believe that you can level up as efficiently as possible. Levels can be a big milestone for many players. For example, at level 15 you can start learning a new breathing style and increase your power. Not just that, as you level, there are always more things for you to explore!

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