Project Slayers: War Fans VS Scythe | Which Is Better in Update 1.5?

Let’s compare these cool weapons!

Project Slayers Devourer Scythe

Project Slayers is a game that is heavily inspired by the anime Demon Slayers. In that anime there’s a lot of different weapons that different characters use and the game shows that in their range of weapons. From Katanas to scythes and even fans there’s a lot to choose from. Still, we want to know which is the best out of all of them.

In this guide we’ll show what’s better in Project Slyaers, the War Fans or the Scythe? The big 1.5 update added a lot of things as well change a few things so let’s find out!

War Fans VS Scythe

For the sake of the comparison, we’ll be using the Devourer War Fans and the Devourer Scythe in Project Slayers. These two have very similar M1 attacks damage-wise so they’re both equal in that apartment. What we want to check out are the different skills each weapon has and what are the combos you can do with them.

Devourer Scythe

Project Slayers Scythe Attack

The Scythe has two main abilities and its Bloodlust and Meteor. The Bloodlust ability is average in terms of damage and can be a great skill to set up combos. The Meteor is the main shining skill of the Scythe because of its long range and it being great at PVP and PVE.

Both skills can be used in combination by staring with Bloodlust and ending it with Meteor while in the air.

War Fans

Project Slayers Devourer War Fans

Now let’s see what the War Fans has to offer. The main damaging skill of the War Fans is the Tornado skill, which shoots a tornado straight forward damaging enemies multiple times. This skill can deal a lot of damage specially when done up close. The skill at maximum mastery can deal 56 damage 10 times!

Not only that but the second skill War Drums gives you a damage boost as well. So, if you use War Drums and then Tornado it will deal a lot more damage compared to a full combo from the scythe.

If you want to get yourself some War Fans, then check out our guide on how to get them so you can get this cool weapon!


Through the sheer numbers it’s a no-brainer that the War Fans is the winner here. The damage potential and AOE of Tornado is just too much to pass up. The Scythes need to be set up with the proper combo while it’s much easier to just dish damage with the War Fans. If you want big damage numbers consistently then go with the War Fans in Project Slayers!

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