Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get Gold in Caustic Climb

Keep climbing!

Caustic Climb is one of the Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns. These trials in the game are small challenges designed to push the player’s limits and with their different playstyles. Most trials award the player the ability used during the challenge after completion. This guide will help you to earn a gold rank in the Caustic Climb challenge.

How to Get Gold in Caustic Climb

In Risk of Rain Returns’ Caustic Climb trial, the game says you must “use your Toxic Bubbles to launch yourself out of the drowning pit.

Also, by completing the trial, the game rewards you with the Toxic Bubbles you got accustomed to. These toxic bubbles can be used as a trampoline to jump higher. So why not give them a try?

Risk of Rain Returns Caustic Climb

To get gold in this thrilling challenge, you must run from the ground and reach a certain height within the given time and avoid drowning. From the starting point, climb the ladders on the right side.

Risk of Rain Returns Caustic Climb

Jump across using the Toxic Bubble and keep climbing. Remember to be quick and check the time. You don’t have the luxury of spare time for some fighting and want to take only minor damage, so don’t hesitate to run.

Risk of Rain Returns Rusty Jetpag

When you reach up by using leaves to climb, use the Toxic Bubble to jump and take the Jetback from the ground. Then, return and follow the tower to go up.

Take the Hopoo Feather, which gives you an extra jump, and don’t stop going up. You will ascend even more when you reach the Gaiser in the middle. Just a little more, you can do it!

But this is where it gets even harder. You must use the Toxic Bubble efficiently; while jumping on one bubble, you must summon another.

If you complete the trial in the given time, you will get gold and the ability you used to achieve this formidable challenge.

Gold Rank in Caustic Climb

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