Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Huntress’ Alternative Primary Fire: Pierce

So, defeating 3 secret bosses all it takes.

In Risk of Rain Returns, you’ll be able to unlock certain modifications to different characters by doing objectives. These are in the form similar to achievements. As for getting Huntress’ Alternative Primary Fire, you might have to do a bit of thinking to figure out which correct sequence of levels and maps will actually get you to complete it.

To help you save some time, I’ll give you all the information you’ll need to get it with ease. In this guide, we will inform you about how to unlock Pierce, Huntress’ alternative primary fire in Risk of Rain Returns.

How to Unlock Huntress’ Alternative Primary Fire: Pierce

In order to unlock it, you must defeat three distinct event or secret bosses in a single run to obtain Pierce, the Huntress’ alternative primary fire.

This unique ability allows you to charge arrow shots, delivering damage of up to 1000% while adopting a more deliberate pace.

You can optimize your chances by playing under a modern rule set, which ensures the potential spawn of all necessary bosses. Also, enabling the new stage variants in settings will help.

Modern Game Style Settings in Risk of Rain Returns

To begin your quest, you can face the Golem that guards the Artifact of Cognation. He is found in Desolate Forest Stage 1 Variant 4. You can keep resetting to get to the right variant.

You must find the area on the east side of the map and reach the underground chamber. Use the buttons on the wall to summon the beast, and then beat him in combat.

Buttons to summon the Golem in desolate Forest stage variant 4

Your next target is Acrid. If you are in Sunken Tombs in Stage 2, you can find him in the top right corner of the map. You must also beat him in combat.

Don’t worry. Although his attacks won’t deal great damage, remember to be careful because he spits neurotoxins- hard to dodge- and he has claws.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Huntress' Alternative Primary Fire: Pierce by defeating the Direseeker

On the final leg of your journey, you will confront the Direseeker! You might recall him if you unlocked the Miner.

He is in Magma Barracks, potentially Stage 4. You must find your way to the tunnel on the bottom right corner of the map to find him.

Keep in mind that if you find it more convenient, the Providence also counts as a boss for the run. You can take on two of the mentioned bosses and beat the game to unlock ‘Pierce.’

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Huntress' Alternative Primary Fire: Pierce

With the amazing glory against Golem, Acrid, Direseeker and the Providence, you can complete the challenge and unlock Pierce. May this newfound power guide you through the adventures that lie ahead in “Risk of Rain Returns.”

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