Risk Of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Every Survivor Guide

All Survivors in one guide!

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After a decade since the initial success of Risk of Rain in 2013, Hopoo Games introduces a remaster of this classic platformer with Risk of Rain Returns. This revamped version brings forth new elements like minigame challenges, a 4-player co-op feature, and brand-new survivors to unlock. 

In total, this rendition features 15 survivors to choose from, with 12 from the original game and three new characters that come with this remaster. A few characters will be playable by default, but to unlock all of them you’ll need to accomplish specific challenges. 

To break this all down for you, here’s a guide to unlocking all 15 Survivors in Risk of Rain Returns.

How To Unlock Every Survivor Guide

Commando and Huntress

Both Commando and Huntress are unlocked by default at the start of the game.


Defeat Wandering Vagrant, Magma Worm, and Colossus. All three bosses can appear at the teleporter stage of the first stage. You don’t have to defeat all of them in a single run; you can kill each boss in different runs and still unlock Enforcer.


Beat the third stage by completing the teleporter event on the third stage and proceeding to the fourth. Note: Some players have encountered a bug in co-op play where they beat the third stage but are unable to unlock Bandit; so far, the only workaround for this is to be the host of the session. 


After completing Stage Five, teleport to the final level to move to the UES Contact Light. Go to the very left side of the map, where you’ll find a cargo compartment divided into four rooms.

Cargo 2 will look more destroyed than the others, where you’ll find a gray cracked container. Interact with it and unlock HAN-D.

Risk Of Rain Returns: How To Unlock HAN-D Survivor


Buy 40 drones throughout all your runs and you’ll unlock Engineer.


Find him in the Magma Barracks in the fourth stage. This can be found in the bottom right corner of the map; you’ll see a pool of lava extending off-screen.

Jump down (make sure you have passive healing) and go right. Encounter and defeat Direseeker. Afterwards, you’ll be able to unlock Miner.

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Risk Of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Miner Survivor


Beat the game by completing all five stages and defeating Providence.


You can unlock Acrid in the third stage Sunken Tomb. Head to the top right corner of the map and look for a steel storage container. Interact with it and defeat Acrid to make him playable for your next run. 


Beat the game five times.


Collect 30 unique items in a single run by unlocking every single chest you encounter. You can make this easier for you by playing on the easiest difficulty and killing Imps for rewards.


Collect these five items: Meat Nugget, Bustling Fungus, Sprouting Egg, Bitter Root, and Foreign Fruit in a single run. You can make this easier by using the Artifact of Command to change the contents of any chest you find so you don’t need to rely on luck. 


Collect 15 unique Monster Logs these can be dropped by killed monsters. There’s no other way around this but RNG, and it will require you to grind for a bit.

For more details, you can out our guide on Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Pilot.


Unlock her by visiting 10 unique areas in the game; this means you have to visit every stage at least once


Recycle 6 drones in a single run. You can speed up the process by getting the Drone Repair Kit and summoning a unique drone to recycle six consecutive times beside a Drone Recycler.

Risk Of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Pilot Survivor

That’s all you need to know about unlocking every available character in Risk of Rain Returns. But there’s more that the game has in store for you; keep exploring and discover a secret playable character.

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