Risk of Rain Returns: How to Kill Providence While Backflipping

Just when you thought the game couldn’t get any harder.

Risk Of Rain Returns Providence Boss Fight

When you hear the noun Providence and you happen to spend a lot of time reading, you tend to think of a few things. You’re either thinking of H. P. Lovecraft because that’s where he was born, or you’re thinking of doing acrobatics while going through bullet hell in Risk of Rain Returns.

Doing a backflip while operating a firearm is no easy feat, that’s why it counts as an achievement if you can pull it off in-game. Timing is everything since you actually have to kill Providence while flipping off. Check out the guide below and see if you can get the landing to stick!

How to Kill Providence While Backflipping

Killing providence while performing a backflip will get you the “Siiick” achievement. It also unlocks the “Heavy Recoil” ability. What matters the most is you landing the final blow that kills Providence in the middle of a backflip.

We’ll make use of a few artifacts during this run to guarantee success. These will include the Artifact of Glass and the Artifact of Command.

Risk Of Rain Returns Artifact Screen

The Artifact of Glass will help increase your damage output while also reducing your HP at the same time. Meanwhile, the Artifact of Command will allow you to select any available item without having to rely on chance.  

We’re also going to crank up our damage to 200% and take our damage taken all the way to 10%. Take an equipment item with delayed damage as well like the Thqwib.

While you’re trying to figure out how to pronounce that, go ahead and grab two Hardlight Afterburners.

Risk Of Rain Returns Damage Output

Don’t grab any items like Tesla Coils or AtG’s because they have a chance of stealing your own kill. What you want to do next is get to the final boss fight. Duke it out with Providence until you get him to his final phase.

Chip away at his health a little bit more to make sure that he dies to the equipment you have. When you have a clean shot lined up, fire the Thqwib. Don’t spawn the Thqwib on top if you want to time the delay of your attack.

Risk Of Rain Returns Providence Boss Fight

Right as he dies, hold on to your utility key to use all of your backflip charges at once. This will make the timing a lot easier, giving you Heavy Recoil as you pull off the kill.

Risk Of Rain Returns Providence Boss Fight

And that’s how you hill Providence while backflipping in Risk of Rain Returns. Try it yourself and see if you can get it done in one take!

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