Risk of Rain Returns: Where to Find the Illegal Shipment

It has to be in a storage room somewhere!

Risk of Rain Returns Storage Room

Risk of Rain Returns has plenty of things to keep you on the edge of your seat, and that’s what make the experience even better. However, amidst all the chaos and flying projectiles coming your way you tend to miss a few things here and there. That or you just don’t acknowledge them at all.

This goes for the Illegal Shipment that’s sitting pretty waiting to be opened on the last level. It blends in with the background so well that you still won’t see anything even if you squint. Find out more about this loot chest made out of pixels by reading the rest of the guide below.

Where to Find the Illegal Shipment

Finding the Illegal Shipment is necessary for players who wish to get the Altered Genome achievement.

To get the illegal shipment, you will need to find the Keycard first while exploring the level. Find the keycard and you’ll be able to use it to open the door leading to the storage room.

Risk of Rain Returns Keycard

You’ll find the keycard later on during Contact Light. This item will unlock secret doors including the one leading to the Storage Room.

Keycards are usually placed behind blast doors in the final level. Sometimes, they can even be found in golden containers. They also have a chance of dropping from regular enemies and elites while you’re exploring.

Get a hold of a keycard and proceed to the Storage Area. Use the ladders leading up in order to get to the door. Head over to the far-left side of the room.

There’s a chest there that blends in with the background. What gives the chest away is the faint green glow it has on the lock. Get close enough to highlight it and you will then unlock “The Toxin.

Risk of Rain Returns Storage Room

And that’s where you can find the illegal shipment in Risk of Rain Returns. Remember, there’s more than one secret room on this level. Find all of the keycards and get yourself looted before taking on the final boss!

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