Risk of Rain Returns: Where to Find the Robot Janitor (Han-D)

Unlock the fan favorite robot janitor character from the original game in Risk of Rain Returns – Han-D.

With the recent release of Risk of Rain Returns, a full remake of the original Risk of Rain from 2013, fans of the original game and new players can play as Han-D, a robot janitor with a strong arsenal of weapons. 

To unlock Han-D, players need to first find it hidden in one of the game’s later stages. We’ll quickly go over Han-D’s stats and usefulness, after which we’ll explain how to unlock the character. 

How to Unlock the Robot Janitor 

To unlock Han-D, first, start a game of Risk of Rain Returns. You can unlock the character both in singleplayer and in multiplayer, so feel free to do this with a friend. 

We recommend playing on Drizzle, the easiest difficulty, to make it easier for you to progress through the game fast.

The next step after starting a run is simply playing the game until the last stage – the titular Risk of Rain level. You’ll do this by getting to the 5th level and then using the Primordial Teleporter on that stage. 

In this level, you’ll need to find an area with a bunch of shipping containers stacked on top of each other or hanging from the ceiling.

If you’re having trouble visualizing this, just look at the image below and try to find something in the stage that looks like it. 

Image showcases the area in which you find and unlock Han-D in Risk of Rain Returns.

Usually, these shipping containers will be in an area that looks a bit more ruined than the rest of the level. Once you’ve found this area, there should be a little run-down looking container, like in the image above.

Interact with the door of the container and you will get the completion for the “Find the robot janitor” challenge. You’ve unlocked Han-D! 

Overview of the Robot Janitor – Han-D 

With 120 base health and +44 per level, Han-D is one of Risk of Rain Returns’ tankier characters to play, but it also has an impressive melee damage output at 13 + 3 per level

Currently, there are 6 skins for Han-D, 4 of which you can use right away when you unlock the character, and 2 which are unlocked by completing the “Think of the Children” and “Judgement” trials.

 Han-D has the following abilities, as seen below: 

  1. First Ability
    1. HURT: A forward punch attack with 180% damage. 
  2. Second Ability
    1. DRONE – HEAL: Fires a drone that deals 190% damage and heals you.
    2. DRONE – SPEED: Fires a drone that deals 190% and gives you a temporary attack speed buff. 
    3. DRONE – BLAST: Fires a drone that explodes on contact for 500% damage. This extends the duration of your OVERCLOCK ability. 
  3. Third Ability
    1. OVERCLOCK: Increases your attack speed and chance to stun an enemy by 30%. 
  4. Fourth Ability
    1. FORCED-REASSEMBLY: Deal 500% damage to nearby enemies and knock them in the air. 
    2. DISASSEMBLE: Start tearing apart nearby enemies for 5×90% damage, scaling with attack speed. You can also move slowly while casting. 
Image showcases the abilities for Han-D in Risk of Rain Returns.

Credit to ToaRex for the images used. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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