Roblox PS4/PS5: How to Save Avatar After Customization

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Roblox on PS4/PS5 helps players experience the iconic game on their favorite Playstation Consoles. This includes all the Experiences and Avatar customization options that are iconic for the game. However, there are players that have had problems when trying to save their Avatar after Customization.

A lot of times the effort they put into Customization ends up being wasted. This can be really annoying, especially since many players want to feel unique with the customization options they’ve bought. In this guide, we will show you how to save your Avatar after Customization. Let’s get into it!

How to Save Avatar After Customization

Start by booting up the Roblox game on your Playstation Console until you are on the Home Screen.

On the top of your screen, you will see the Avatar option. In the Avatar Screen, click on the Customize Option.

Avatar and Customize options on Roblox PS5.

In the Customize screen, go to the Shop for More option at the bottom. You can do the process of equipping items directly, but we will show you a quick way to do so right after purchasing an item.

Customize Menu in Roblox PS5.

This will take you to the Marketplace where you can find various items that you can buy for Free or Robux. Look for an item you want and purchase, and then click on the Green button to get the item.

Purchasing an Customization item in Roblox PS5.

This will open a small box that confirms whether you are purchasing the item. In this box, you will see an option that you can enable to equip the item Automatically.

It will say: Wear item after purchase. Now, enable this option and confirm the Purchase.

Confirm purchase for Customization item in Roblox PS5.

You can also equip other items that you have already purchased by simply pressing the X button to select them.

Once you’ve selected the items, you can leave the Marketplace. You will also get a confirmation for this, and you can go ahead and leave.

Leaving marketplace confirmation in Roblox PS5.

You can also leave the Customization option and return to the Home Screen. When you return to the Avatar Menu, you will notice that the Customization items that you equipped have been saved. 

Avatar update in Roblox PS5.

However, for some people the Avatar still doesn’t save after Customization.

In this case, there is an Experience that you can join and customize your Avatar from there. Simply search for the following Experience in the Search bar: Catalog Avatar Creator.

Going into this Experience will allow you to save your Avatar after Customization without any issues.

Catalog Avatar Creator Experience in Roblox PS5.

Special thanks to VVaby on Youtube for figuring out how to get past the issue of the Avatar failing to save after Customization. Check out his video here: Roblox PS4/PS5: How to Save Avatar After Customization Tutorial! (Save Custom Avatar).

That’s everything covered for saving your Avatar after Customization in Roblox PS4/PS5. Unfortunately, there are some issues occurring with the game because the launch has been recent. The two ways we have outlined in this guide should keep you sorted until a fix is found. Soon enough, you can start playing the game in style!

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