Manor Lords: How To Make Ale

Brew Ale and distribute it across the land!

Step back into the time of knights and fair maidens in Manor Lords. This is a medieval strategy game where you build your city, expand, and loot nearby towns in a quest for expansion. While the game is still in early access, there are many things you can do already. One important thing is the production of ale, which can be confusing to make. I’ll tell you how to make Ale in Manor Lords in this guide.

How To Make Ale

You might be wondering why we’re making a guide just for the production of alcohol. In Manor Lords, Ale is an important resource to upgrade a Burgage Plot’s level. That being said, you have to make it if you want to keep expanding and improving their territory.

Making Ale means harvesting its source material, Barley. After which, you have to process it in a Brewery and distribute it using a Tavern. I’ll talk about this in more detail below.

This is the build screen for the malthouse.

Farm Your Barley

Much like real life, making Ale means growing your Barley on a farm. Do this by building a field and farmhouse in the appropriate location. This means that you need to construct your farm area on a high-fertility plot. 

You can determine whether an area is high-fertility by looking at the right side of the screen. While plotting your field, the build indicator will tell you how good the land is for farming. Generally, the greener the grass, the better it is.

When you’ve found a good place to farm, click on the field and choose Barley as your crop. Make sure that you assign families to work on your farmhouse to make harvesting faster.

Build a Malthouse and Brewery

Now that you have a stable flow of Barley, you need Malthouse to convert it to Malt. Place a Malthouse near your farm to transport goods quickly. Turning the Barley into Malt is step one in processing it into Ale.

This is how you construct an extension.

Once you’ve got the Malthouse in place, build a brewery. To do this, you will need a level 2 Burgage Plot to place a Brewery Extension

Build a Burgage Plot

Burgage Plots are residential buildings you can put down to passively generate regional wealth. To get extend these plots you need to get them to level 2 or 3.

You need to meet the following requirements to level up:

Level 2:

  • Settlement Level: Small Village
  • Construction Material: Timber x4 
  • Amenities: Water Access △ & Church Level △
  • Market Supplies: Fuel Supply △, Food Stall Supply △△, Clothing Stall Supply △

Level 3:

  • Settlement Level: Medium Village
  • Construction Material: Timber x4, Planks x8, Roof Tiles x4
  • Regional Wealth: 25
  • Amenities: Water Access △, Tavern Supply △, Church Level △△
  • Market Supplies: Fuel Stall Supply △, Food Stall Supply △△△, Clothing Stall Supply △△
This is how the tavern screen looks like.

Once you’ve leveled up your Burgage Plot, you can now add the Brewery as a backyard extension. 

Build A Tavern

Finally, you can now distribute the Ale by building a Tavern. Doing this will fulfill the requirements for Burgage Plots to upgrade them past level 2. And that’s it, you’ve successfully made Ale! Now that you know how to brew ale, expand your farm and breed sheep for more resources.


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