Sakura Stand: All Christmas 2023 Spec – Skins Guide & Showcase

Better get them before Christmas is over!

Spec Skin in Sakura Stand from the Christmas Event

Sakura Stand has added all sorts of new content as part of the Christmas 2023 event. This includes Spec & Skins, and we now have access to every single one of them.

With the event winding down, many players are unsure if they should actually get these skins specs before they are no longer available.

Not to worry, we have you covered. In this guide, we will be showcasing every Spec Skin so that you can decide whether you actually want to get them. We’ll also give you an idea of how the stats for each move works. Let’s get into it!

All Christmas 2023 Spec – Skins Guide & Showcase

We’ll be looking at a total of 6 Spec Skins in the game that were added as part of the Christmas 2023 and Holiday 2077 event.

You’ll likely face many of them – learning to Counter every Spec and Stand can certainly help.

Ice Reaper (Winter Season & Rukia Kuchiki)

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 4,500 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC. If you do want to get this Spec, we highly suggest checking out the how to get Ice Reaper guide for more details. 

M1 Combo

Starting off, we have the M1 move that deals 6 damage per slash. Completing the combo and landing all hits will deal a total of 24 damage.

Chilling Flourish

The first ability is Q – Chilling Flourish. Your character will slash around violently, dealing 29 damage in total if you land all hits. Additionally, all enemies hit by it will get trapped in ice for a few seconds.


Next up we have E – Byakurai. The character points their finger and fires a lightning bolt from distance at a target, dealing 30 damage and stunning them. A very useful move to use from range.

Glacier Burst

R- Glacier Burst fires an ice boulder that travels from distance and hits an enemy. After a few seconds, the boulder erupts and deals 25 damage to the opponent.

Glacial Coasting

T – Glacial Coasting will fire an ice projectile that travels through the ground in a straight line. Enemies hit by it will be frozen and stunned for a few seconds.

First Dance

Your character will create a circle of ice and slash forward at the enemy with H – First Dance. If the hit lands, the enemy will be dealt 30 damage.

Bankai – Hakka no Togame

The Ultimate is G – Bankai, and creates a small cutscene-like animation where the player transforms into their ice form. They also slash any enemies which are dealt 150 damage, and frozen in place.

Sakura Stand Christmas Ice Reaper Winter Season & Rukia Kuchiki

Star Platinum: Dragon Dance

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 400 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC.

M1 Combo

The Dragon Dance M1 combo animation is really cool. The hovering dragon deals all the damage, which is 6 Damage per hit. When the combo finishes, the enemy is pushed back.


The E – Barrage Move involves the dragon dealing a flurry of very quick attacks on the enemy, dealing a total of 25 damage.

Heavy Punch

R – Heavy Punch is a simple move, where the Dragon just hits the enemy with a single punch dealing 18 damage. Additionally, the enemy is pushed back a long distance.

Star Finger

T – Star Finger is a similar move, where the Dragon comes forward and points his finger at the target. The single hit deals about 22 damage.

Vacuum Suck

With Y – Vacuum Suck, the Dragon begins to suck the soul out of the enemy, dealing a total of 10 hits. It does not deal any damage and instead drains them.

Time Stop

Using H – Time Stop, the player completely changes the domain around and it becomes black and white. Each move does more damage than it normally does during Time Stop.

Star Crusher

The Ultimate Star Crusher is a Beatdown move in which your target will get stuck in a cutscene. The enemy is dealt a flurry of moves before being thrown away, dealing a lot of damage. It works quite similarly to the Gojo Beatdown Combo.

Stand Leap

While it does not do damage, Z – Stand Leap allows the player to jump quickly a long distance. Very useful for mobility.

Sakura Stand Star Platinum Dragon Dance

The World: Frozen

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 400 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC.

M1 Combo

The M1 combo deals 4 attacks, with each dealing 6 damage for a total of 24 Damage. Each punch is slow but hits very hard, with the enemy being pushed back a large distance.

There are two versions of the R move – Impale and Instant Impale.


When you tap R, the Frozen model alongside you comes forward and punches the enemy, dealing 24 damage. The enemy falls to their knees and gets stunned.

Instant Impale

When you hold R, the model takes a bit to charge up the move before punching the enemy. They are dealt 15 damage but the punch pushes them ahead by an extremely large distance.

T & R combo

Next up, we have a combo that uses the T (Tap) and R (Hold) skills. It deals a variety of different moves on multiple enemies. Speaking of combos, you might want to check out the best Yuta Combo to deal devastating damage.

After that, we have two versions of the G move – Kick Barrage and the Greatest High.

Kick Barrage

When you tap G, the character deals Kick Barrage – a flurry of kicks to the enemy that deals multiple hits, before pushing them back.

Greatest High

When you hold G, the enemy is taken into the air before a barrage of kicks are dealt to them. After that, they are pushed down to the ground completing the Greatest High.

We also have two versions of the H move – Time Stop and Road Roller

Time Stop

Tapping the H key changes the domain. Your character will deal bonus damage to any enemy while Time Stop lasts.

Road Roller

Holding the H key activates the Road Roller move, where your character will trap the enemy in a cutscene animation. He will spawn a Road Roller that will be taken into the air before being slammed to the ground, being dealt a barrage of punches that deal a lot of damage.

Sakura Stand The World Frozen Christmas

True Anubis: Son of the Dragon

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 850 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC. This Spec Skin has two move sets, each that can be toggled by turning the Stand Off or On.

The first set of moves is triggered by turning the Stand On. Here are the Stand On skills:

Stand on M1 Combo

Your character will deal a series of slashes with their sword during their M1 combo. The total combo will deal around 24-26 damage, with the final slash pushing the enemy back. In total, the combo has 5 hits.

Air Cleaving

The E – Air Cleaving move deals a quick series of slashes as your character holds out their sword. It deals around 15 damage in 5 hits.

Instant Slash

With that R – Instant Slash move, your character will do a single hit with a quick slash in front of them. It deals about 11 damage.

Point Strike

Next up, we have T – Point Strike, your character will ready themselves before rushing ahead with a quick slash. It can both deal damage and be used for mobility.

Follow Up

The Y – Follow Up move makes a quick motion, dealing 4 hits for a total of 23.1 Damage

You can do two versions of the same move with G – Overcharge.

Overcharge 1

The first version can be done by tapping the G key. Your character quickly charges their move, dealing 15 damage with a quick slash.

Overcharge 2

The second version can be done by holding the same key. Your character charges their hit for much longer, enlarging the sword and dealing 45 damage with just one hit.

Sakura Stand True Anubis Son of the Dragon Stand on

Next up, we have the Stand Off moves:

Stand off M1 combo

The M1 combo works similarly, dealing 20+ damage. It ends with a kick where the enemy is thrown off to the back.


The E – Uppercut move deals a quick slash to the enemy with 10 Damage.

Astral Star

Similar to the previous move, R – Astral Star deals a quick upwards slash. This time the enemy is taken up into the air, being dealt about 18 damage.

Knock Away

T – Knock Away just punches the enemy really far away, dealing some damage.

The Awakening

The Awakening Skill is the Skin’s Ultimate and it is common for both the Stands. Your character gets charged up and deals extra damage in both the Stands.

Sakura Stand True Anubis Son of the Dragon Stand off

Sandevistan – Holiday 2077

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 850 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC. Check out the How To Get Sandevistan guide for more insight into getting this Stand. 

M1 combo

With that said, the M1 combo for the Sandevistan skin is pretty straightforward, with a standard combo animation. Your character deals 6 damage per hit for a total of 24 damage.

Rapid Fire

With the Q – Rapid Fire move, your character will pull out a gun and shoot 5 bullets at the enemy. Each bullet deals 6 damage, for a total of 30 damage.

Face Breaker

Your character will grab the enemy with the E – Face Breaker move and punch them multiple times as they are stuck in the animation. The last punch will throw the enemy away. In total, the move will deal a whopping 45 damage.

Enhanced Leap

With R – Enhanced Leap, your character will jump and cover a large distance. If you land on an enemy, they are dealt 32 Damage as you stomp on them.

Projectile Launch System

The T – Projectile Launch System move will start with your character pointing their fist out at the enemy. After a small charge up, a devastating explosion will come out, dealing a total of 29 damage.

Enhanced Reflex

While it does not deal damage, the Y – Enhanced Reflex move allows you to dodge to the side extremely quickly. It also plays out a really cool animation as you go to the side.


Finally, we have the Ultimate H – Sandevistan that allows you to run around extremely fast. As you run around, a meter will slowly fill up. Once it’s full, the move will end.


Now you can use the meter up to deal additional damage in an animation known as Overcharge. The animation plays out after you hit an enemy with a skill.

Sandevistan - Holiday 2077 Sakura Stand Christmas

X-Chara: Frostbite

You can purchase this Spec Skin for 600 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC. This Spec Skin consists of two versions. One of them is the standard mode while the other is known as Overwrite.

We will first look at the normal skills and moves:

Normal M1 combo

In the M1 combo, your character will slash the enemy with a giant knife that deals 6 damage per hit, or 24 damage in total after the combo.

Edge Cutter

With the E – Edge Cutter move, your character will slash the knife around quickly dealing 3 hits of varying hits, before pushing back the enemy.

Corruption Jab

R – Corruption Jab charges up the knife a little bit before slashing at the enemy. It quickly deals 2 hits for a total of 13 damage.

Corruption Knives

With the T – Corruption Knives move, your character throws knives from a distance. Each knife lands on the enemy and deals 3 hits for a total of 12 damage.

Blade Shot

The Y – Blade Shot moves works similarly. 4 large blades appear from above and are fired from range roughly in the direction you are facing.

Overhead Slam

After activating the G – Overhead Slam move, your character will hover in the air and can move around for a bit. After that, it slams down on an enemy, dealing 22 damage and pushing them.

Vanishing Flash

While not dealing any damage, Z – Vanishing Flash allows the player to quickly teleport a short direction in front of them. It can be used to dodge an attack if timed right.

X-Chara: Frostbite Christmas Sakura Stand Normal

In the Overwrite mode, most of the main moves change up quite a bit. The Overwrite versions of the moves are:

Overcharge M1 combo

The M1 combo has the exact same animation, except different effects and sounds. Each hit does 6 damage for a total of 24 damage after the combo.


With E – Act = [Heal], the player is able to regain his HP.

Clone Attack

The R – Act = [Clone_Attack] move allows the player to initially select a nearby target. Once the target is selected, a clone of the enemy appears behind the player. The clone grabs the enemy and throws them ahead, dealing 12 damage and freezing them.

Lower Stats

With T – Act = [Lower_Stats], you select a nearby attack. After a few seconds, their ATK and DEF Stats are lowered by 15%.


Y – Act = [Teleport] allows you to teleport an enemy that is far from you, and bring them right in front of you.

Sword Dance

G – Sword Dance is the Overwrite version’s Ultimate, and it traps the enemy in a cutscene animation. After the animation, 15 Giant Swords are launched at the enemy one by one, dealing a total of over 50 Damage!

X-Chara: Frostbite Christmas Sakura Stand Overcharge

Death Animation: Fireworks

Last, but not least, we have a cool death animation. Whenever you die, your head travels like a rocket above before spinning around like a firework and exploding. You can purchase it for 500 Snowflakes from the Sion NPC

That’s everything you need to know about all the Spec Skins in Sakura Stand, including their moves showcase. A wide variety of moves that can be used in all sorts of combos and play styles.

Looking at these moves should give you a great idea of how to create some unique combos. Additionally, you can decide whether they are worth the effort of purchasing.

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