Sakura Stand: How To Get Geto Spec

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Sakura Stand allows players to obtain a variety of different abilities that they can use in combat against each other, or enemies. These abilities are unique, providing players with different ways in which they can develop their play style. Each of these abilities also has its own obtainment method, which also dictates how difficult it is to get.

One of these abilities is the Geto Spec, which has a new obtainment method that has been added with the latest update. In this guide, we will be showing you this method to ensure that you can add this new move set to your build. It is very powerful indeed but the process can be quite difficult. So, be prepared as we dive into this guide!

How To Get & Obtain Geto Spec

As part of the new update, there is a new method for getting the Geto Spec. You need to start by visiting the Suguru Geto NPC while being a Sukuna’s Vessel effect as a Standless. What this means is that you need to have the Sukuna’s Finger on you when you go talk to him.

So, first, you need to start by actually getting the Sukuna’s Vessel effect. This item has a 50% chance to spawn on a random person in the server. However, there must be at least five or more people on the server. Otherwise, Sukuna’s Vessel will not spawn.

So, make sure that you bring your friends in for the ride when trying to complete this requirement. Alternatively, you can find some people through Discord and have them hop on the Server. After that, you can kill whoever has the Sukuna’s Vessel spawn on them.

Playing with friends in Sakura Stand.

Keep in mind that this part can be a bit random and RNG. So, don’t be surprised if it takes you some time until you have the item.

Once you have it, you will become a Standless and can now talk to the Suguru NPC. The Suguru NPC can be located next to the Shop in Sakurian City

Suguru Geto NPC in Sakura Stand.

Talk to him and you can now obtain the Curses Until The End Quest. This is the quest that you need to complete in order to get Geto Spec. It has three main requirements:

  • Kill 1 Special Grade Curses.
  • Kill 15 Curses
  • Kill Fushiguru Toji.
Curses Until The End quest requirements in Sakura Stand.

Killing the normal Curses is fairly straightforward as they spawn all around the map. You can kill Fushiguru Toji by having him spawn in Park 2. Your friends can be a great help here in ensuring that you can end him as quickly as possible.

Fighting Fushiguru Toji boss in Sakura Stand.

After that, comes the hardest part. This is where you will need to kill the Special Grade Curse Boss. This boss has a very rare chance to spawn on the map at only 0.5%. Additionally, he is one of the most difficult bosses to kill because of how powerful it is.

Even with friends, you will have a lot of difficulty with it. It is a very tanky boss that can sustain a lot of damage and even heal itself during the fight. As a result, you will really need to be on your A-game when fighting this boss.

Fighting Special Grade Curse in Sakura Stand.

After you have completed these requirements, you can return to the Suguru NPC to get your Geto Spec. Geto Spec features a variety of special attacks that you may want to get. This includes Curse Absorb which allows you to completely absorb any Curse when its HP is lower than 25%.

You can even use this ability against the Special Grade Curse. Additionally, you can even Summon Curses through a selection menu which is incredibly cool. You can summon Curses like the Glutton Curse, Dragon, Squid and so on.

Summoning Dragon with Geto Spec in Sakura Stand.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Geto Spec in Sakura Stand. As you can see, the obtainment method can be really difficult, requiring a lot of grinding. Even then, you are not guaranteed to get it because of the element of RNG. As a result, many players believe that the Geto Spec is not worth the effort. But we leave that to you to decide for yourself!

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