Lethal Company: Enemies Danger Level Tier List

Understanding all the monsters in the game will give you a huge advantage!

Lethal Company: Enemies Danger Level Tier List

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game where you are a worker of The Company. You are now on task to collect various Scrap items that you can trade with The Company for various currencies. However, each planet you travel to poses different threats from the weather debuffs to monsters.

As you gather loot, you will encounter various monsters in the game. Some of these monsters may be easy for you to handle as long as you have a weapon, while some can be unavoidable deaths. In this article, we will provide you with an Enemies Danger Level Tier List, so you know how to prepare.

Enemies Danger Level Tier List

In Lethal Company, there are many different monsters and entities that you will eventually encounter. Some of them may be easier for you to deal with, while some can be much more difficult.

Thumper will not be covered in the Tier List, since it will be receiving a rework in the next update. Since it is getting a rework, any rankings will be outdated.

To deal with the enemies, you may want to consider bringing the right items, so take a look at the guide!


Coil-heads receive their own Tier in this tier list. This is because this enemy can be hard for you to survive at times. If you are not paying attention, they can just spawn randomly and sneak up on you without you noticing.

Coil-heads are fast, deadly, and can deal high damage to your character. However, they will only attack as long as you are not looking at them. Once you ever run into a Coil-head, make sure you’re always facing it.

  • Stun Grenades can temporarily disable them for a short while, allowing for an escape if alone.
  • DIY-Flashbangs can achieve the same result, although it will hurt the user.
Lethal Company: Enemies Danger Level Tier List Coil-head

S Tier

The enemies in S Tier are very scary enemies that can be difficult for you to avoid. These enemies have high damage with their attacks and can be unpredictable. Coping with these enemies require a lot of team coordination in order for it to work.

  • Nutcrackers: The Nutcrackers sometimes stop to scan the nearby area, and will target you if they see you moving. You can avoid becoming a target by remaining completely motionless, assuming it didn’t already detect you prior to going into this “sentry” mode.
  • Bracken: Brackens, also known as Flower Men. This is an extremely strong enemy that can just sneak up behind anyone. You can spook the Braken by looking at it for a very short duration. If you look at it too long, it will attack you. You can also defeat it with a Shotgun.

A Tier

Enemies in A Tier are annoying to deal with. They are usually less dangerous and consistent than enemies in the S Tier. To deal with them, you’ll want to cooperate with your teammates to distract and obtain the loot your team needs.

  • Giants (Forest Keepers): Usually, the strategy is to have a teammate distract the monster and the other person will use a teleporter to bring them back to safety. Flashing a Forest Keeper with a Radar Booster can also stun it.
  • Jester: These are enemies that generally make it harder for you to loot items since they can be really annoying. The wind-up phase where it transforms can be stalled by using a Zap Gun. This will extend the wind-up duration by up to 20 seconds, allowing for more time to evacuate.

B Tier

Enemies in the B Tier are also strong enemies that you should watch out for. However, there is always a way for you to counter these enemies.

  • Dogs: These are also known as Eyeless Dogs. They are capable of hearing, but not looking. If you deal with it, avoid making any sound. With that said, avoid speaking, moving without crouching, and dropping items. You can also whisper without alerting them as long as you have the right settings.
  • Ghost Girl: The Ghost Girl is not avoidable if you encounter her chasing phases. However, you can prevent her from entering the phase if you are not looking at her. This makes the enemy less consistent, which is why she is in the B Tier even though not avoidable.
Lethal Company Dog

C Tier

The threats in the C Tier are enemies that you can defeat even with base weapons, such as the shovel. Keep in mind that they can deal decent damage to you if you are not careful. They are the:

  • Spider: They are quite aggressive and territorial, wandering the facility and placing webs to trap prey. If you avoid them, you’ll usually be safe. You’ll usually know where they are as long as you pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Masked: You can run backward while holding the D or A keys to run backward in a circle. While doing this, use a weapon and beat the Masked until it is dead.
  • Snare Fleas: These enemies drop from the ceiling when you get near them. Usually, they deal low damage and you can defeat them with a shovel.

D Tier

Enemies in the D Tier are threats that you can deal with, or avoid fairly easily. They deal less damage than enemies in the C Tier. But generally, you’ll want to pay close attention to them.

  • Earth Leviathan: Once you see them, you can just run away. This makes the enemy extremely easy to avoid.
  • Hoarding Bug: You should keep your distance and refrain from stealing items from Hoarding Bugs to prevent them from becoming hostile.
  • Slimes: Also known as Hygrodere. These are slow enemies that you can outrun easily. They will only damage you if you get caught by them.
  • Baboon Hawks: They will only attack if they can outnumber your group. To be safe from them, simply stick to your teammates as you approach the loot area.
  • Circuit Bees: You can move the beehive by grabbing it and running until you are out of stamina. When out of stamina, drop it and wait for it to regenerate. Keep doing this until you are able to transport the hive.

Those are all of the enemies that you will eventually run into in Lethal Company. Knowing their mechanics allows you to survive for longer periods of time and collect more loot. If you want to know the monsters spawning frequency, take a look at this guide!

Even though the game encourages you to play in a team to maximize loot gain, some players also want to take on in-game challenges as a solo player. If you want to do that, consider taking a look at this Solo Guide to learn how to deal with the monsters as a solo player!


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