Shadovia: How To Get Best Weapons Guide

The swords are dominating!

Shadovia: How To Get 5 Best Weapons

Whether you’re a new or returning player in Shadovia, knowing what the best weapons are will help you set your goal straight. Luckily, you have a few choices to pick from for your first strong weapon in the game. We’ll share you all the necessary steps to get these weapons in the game!

Best Weapons in Shadovia

Currently, the meta in Shadovia is still being dominated by the melee weapons; the katanas, swords, and scythes. Some weapons can be easily found as raid drops and others can be crafted. Here’s how to get them.

  • Wicked Dagger
  • Reaper Scythe
  • Saviour Orcan’s Magical Sword
  • Irridance
  • Katana of the Divine

Wicked Dagger

The Wicked Dagger is a drop from the Masked Man at the Graveyard. There’s not much to say except that you’re going to grind quite a while for this rare drop.

Reaper Scythe

Shadovia Reaper Scythe

The Reaper Scythe has to be crafted, but you need an item before you can even see the recipe. You need to fuse these items:

  • 2 Rubies from Giga Golem
  • Legendary Scythe (fuse from Mythic Scythes)
  • Vengeful Urn (requires the Abyssal Conduit to fight the Chancellor Boss)

Start by getting the Abyssal Conduit which can be fused or bought from the Ghoulsford NPC in the Vampire Castle during nighttime.

The shop is not always available, so you may have to wait a few in-game days.

If you want to craft it instead, you can buy instead the legendary-grade white cube at the Vampire shop and combine that with two Amethysts to get the Abyssal Conduit.

The Rubies from the Giga Golem is not that rare of a drop. But you do need to kill regular golems to get a Stone Sigil. Use it to spawn the Giga Golem to get the Ruby.

Saviour Orcan’s Magical Sword

Shadovia Saviour Orcan's Magical Sword

Stats: +345 Magic Power

The Saviour Orcan’s Magical Sword is a drop from the Orc raid. The raid takes place every 7 in-game days. But you can bypass this restriction by remaking a new private server over and over again.


Shadovia Irridance

Stats: +351 Melee Power
Skill: Spectral Path – Creates a trail of terrain that follows your mouse’s direction, harming enemies. Gain greatly increased speed on the terrain.

You can get the Ultimate-grade weapon Irridance by fusing at least two Legendary weapons. Make sure to get them up to 5-star to raise your chances of getting the Ultimate weapon.

Katana of the Divine

The Katana of the Divine is the most complicated of them all. You need to fuse all 5 Katanas from the crafting bench to get the Katana of the Divine.

Going through the crafting recipes will reveal you the recipe of all the katanas. Most of the items are easy to find, but some are particularly unique.

The Love Ninja Potion cannot be crafted like all the other potions in the recipes:

  • Head to the Elf Shrine and head to the beach area where the Ninja Dojo is “hidden.” You’ll have to jump down and be close to it to be able to see it.
Shadovia Katana of the Divine
  • Clear the Ninja Dojo which is where you can get the Love Ninja Potion drop. It’s not guaranteed so you might have to do this a few times. You get 4 chests when you clear the dungeon.
Shadovia Love Ninja Potion

Next is the Molten Ingot along with most of the gems (except Ruby which is from the Vampire quest):

  • You can get Molten Ingot from the Epic Chest that occasionally spawn in Brimstone.
  • Molten Ingot is also a guaranteed drop from the Giga Golem, a boss you can spawn using the Stone Sigil from the Stone Golem. Gems are also occasionally dropped by the Giga Golem.

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