Shadovia: How To Get The Best Accessories Easily Guide

Become the best warrior possible!

You can get all sorts of Accessories when playing Shadovia. These Accessories play an essential Role, allowing you to boost your stats and ensure that you can deal with the variety of enemies in the game.

Some Accessories are really useful providing you with some exceptional boosts. However, these Accessories can be really difficult to get.

In this guide, we will discuss the Best Accessories and how you can get them as easily as possible. You can then equip them and take advantage of them when dealing with enemies or completing quests.

How To Get The Best Accessories Easily Guide

We will be looking at only the Best Accessories in this guide, since they will provide you with the best boosts. However, keep in mind that you will still have to grind quite a bit for some of these.

Also, I’ll be mentioning a couple bosses from the game, as you’ll only be able to acquire some of the best accessories by beating them.

For more details, open our complete Shadovia bosses guide, alongside with this one to assist you with the locations and requirements.

Slime King Crown

Starting off, we will be looking at the Slime King Crown. It is a legendary Accessory that is one of the best ones you can get in the game.

It provides you with additional Health, Speed and Damage, making you incredibly strong.

Slime King Crown Accessory in Shadovia.

To get the Slime King Crown, you will need to defeat either the Slime King or the Slime Queen Boss. Here are the drop rates:

  • 0.5% chance to drop from the Slime King
  • 5% chance to drop from the Slime Queen.

You can get these bosses to spawn by crafting the Slime King and Slime Queen Spawners shown below.

While crafting the Slime King Spawner is easier, we recommend you go for the Slime Queen as this will provide you with a higher chance to get the Slime King Crown.

Slime King Spawner in Shadovia.

For the Slime King Spawner, you will need to the following materials:

  • x20 Slime Chunks
  • x2 Gold Ingot
  • x1 Slime Core

You can get Slime Chunks by fighting the Slime Enemies near the Starter Town.

Fighting Slime Enemies in Shadovia.

You can get the Gold Ingots by killing Gold Golems at the Tomb in the Desert.

Fighting Gold Golem in Shadovia.

Finally, you will need to craft the Slime Core, which can be done with the following materials:

  • x20 Slime Chunks
  • x8 Light Studs
  • x1 Dark Stud

You can get Light Studs by killing Lost Souls at the Forest near Starter Town.

Fighting Lost Soul in Shadovia.

Additionally, you can get the Dark Stud by fighting the Azure Enemies in Rimstone. You can also find them in Chests in the area.

Fighting Azure Enemies in Shadovia.

After that, you can craft the Slime King Spawner. With this item, you can spawn the Slime King Boss anywhere you want.

We recommend that you do this on flat land. You can certainly get the Slime King Crown by defeating him but there is only a 0.5% chance.

So, we recommend that you use the Slime King boss to instead farm Royal Goo. You can use this Royal Goo to craft the Slime Queen Spawner.

Fighting Slime King in Shadovia.

For the Slime Queen Spawner, you need the following materials:

  • x5 Pink Goo
  • x4 Royal Goo
  • x2 Molten Ingot
  • x1 Slime Core.

You can get Pink Goo by killing Pinky near any Slime Town. Make sure you keep a distance and use ranged weapons, as it can be very dangerous to fight it up close.

Fighting Pinky in Shadovia.

You can get Molten Ingots by fighting the Giga Golem Boss at Brimstone.

Fighting Giga Golem in Shadovia.

With all the materials you need, you can craft a Slime Queen Spawner. After that, spawn her anywhere you want and kill her for a 5% chance of getting the Slime King Crown, which is significantly better.

Fighting Slime Queen in Shadovia.

Malevolent Binded Curse

Another great Accessory you will want is the Legendary Malevolent Binded Curse. It provides you with +12 Armor Pierce and +12% Charge Attack Power.

Malevolent Binded Curse in Shadovia.

To get this Accessory, you will first need to fast travel to Orc Town in the Savannah, shown below on the map.

Savannah on map in Shadovia.

From there, you want to head towards the Orc Town. At the back of the town, you will be able to see the Orc Chief NPC. Enter his house.

Orc Chief NPC in Shadovia.

Inside the house, light the candle. Doing so will open a portal on the opposite wall.

Lighting Candle in Shadovia.

Go to the portal and interact with it, to travel to the Elder Orcs location.

Going through Elder Orcs portal in Shadovia.

Inside the Elder Orcs Chamber, you want to talk to the Orc that is on the left. Complete the quests he provides and you will be given the Malevolent Binded Curse.

Elder Orcs in Shadovia.

Vampire Cape

You can get the Vampire Cape as a drop from defeating the Count Vermillion Boss in Vampire Town. However, you will need to first start the Quest by going to the Elf Shrine on the map. 

Travelling to Elf Shrine in Shadovia.

Here, you will need to talk to the Princess, which can be found in the nearby Tower covered in moss. Talking to her will start the quest.

Talking to Princess Twix in Shadovia.

Go through the quest until you will eventually have to face the Vermillion Boss. For that, you will need to travel to Vampire Town on the map (as mentioned above).

Travelling to Vampire Town in Shadovia.

Here, you must approach the fountain in the castle and interact with it while holding the Angel Bells. The water in the foundation will turn red and you can jump on top of it to face the Boss.

Vermillion Fountain in Shadovia.

You can actually cheese the Count Vermillion boss and defeat him without actually getting him aggressive.

Using Dark Wisdom, you can throw heavy attacks at him from a distance. He will not even react, and you will be able to chip away at his health easily.

The Vampire Cape has a chance to drop, so you might need to grind this Boss a few times.

Fighting Count Vermillion in Shadovia.

Bear Accessories (Grand Bear Cape)

You can get a variety of Bear Accessories, which can also be really strong. In particular, the Grand Bear Cape stands out from the rest, but the other Armor and Accessories are also worth it.

Wild Bear's Light Accessory in Shadovia.

To start out, you will need to travel to the Savannah area, as shown in the map.

Travelling to Savannah in Shadovia.

Here, you must make your way towards the Shop that can be found near some rocks. You’ll need to purchase Raremost Steak Bait from the Shop.

Buying Bait from Hunter in Shadovia.

Once you have the bait, you will need to go to the Plates that can be found nearby. Make sure you place the baits on the plates only in the mornings in game.

When you do so, you will be able to spawn the Bearhead Boss.

You can get all sorts of Accessories from him as drops, including the Grand Bear Cape. Also, if you’re interested, you may want to check out our guide on how to get the Best Weapons in the game.

Using Bait on Plates in Shadovia.

Negative Skeleton Mask

The Negative Skeleton Mask is also one of the strongest Accessories that you can get in the game. It boosts your attack by a large amount, although at the cost of the same amount of defense. Great for players who like to play aggressively.

Negative Skeleton Mask in Shadovia.

You can get it by traveling to the Graveyard. It can be found at the Lower Desert location shown below.

Going to Tomb area in Shadovia.

Here, you will need to go to the Graveyard and defeat the enemies there. Doing so will spawn Chests, and there is a chance for the Negative Skeleton Mask to drop there.

Fighting enemies in Graveyard in Shadovia.

Panic Ring

Last, but not least, we have the Panic Ring, which can be powerful as it provides you with a Damage Boost and health regeneration.

Panic Ring Accessory in Shadovia.

You will need to start by going to the Lower Desert area, shown on the map below.

Travelling to Desert area in Shadovia.

From here, go inside the building indicated below when you are inside the Desert Town.

Entering Slothers Building in Shadovia.

Here, you will meet a NPC by the name of Slothers. Talk to him and complete the quest that he gives you. At the end, he will give you the Panic Ring.

And there you have it, you now know how to get all the Best Accessories in the game!

Talking to Slothers NPC in Shadovia.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Best Accessories in Shadovia. We have gone through all the obtainment methods with tips to ensure you get them quickly.

We highly suggest you get at least some of these so that you can take advantage of some great boosts that will help you out with the rest of the game. While it may require some grinding, the end result will be more than worth it!

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