Skibiverse 2.0 (ToiletVerse): How To Get PC Giant Morph Quest

What a cool looking morph!

Skibiverse 2.0 (ToiletVerse) How To Get PC Giant Morph Quest

Sometimes, a game lets you unlock new characters or morphs that you can play with. They usually become available through challenges or quests and some of them can be quite confusing. This is especially true for games that don’t have map markers or things to help navigate.

In ToiletVerse, there is the new PC Giant Morph that you can get in the game. Of course, like other morphs to get this one you’ll need to do the quest to unlock it. This quest will need you to go to a lot of places.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can do the PC Giant Morph Quest in the game. We’ll go through how you can get the quest and how to complete it. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get this morph!

How To Get PC Giant Morph Quest

With the 2.0 update for Skibverse and its rebranding to ToiletVerse, there are a lot of new morphs players can get. One of the newest morphs is the PC Giant one and it’s a cool-looking morph with swords on both hands! Here’s how you can get it!

SIDE NOTE: There is a lot more stuff to experience in the game, go check out our guide on the Arctic Explorer quest if you haven’t already!

Starting The Quest

To start the quest, you’ll first need to go to the Quests tab and select the “PC Giantquest. From there, you’ll see the different tasks that you’ll have to do to complete the quest. Make sure to double-check that you have the quest active by checking the “Active Quests” tab.

ToiletVerse PC Giant Quest

Finding The PC Giant Main Computer

Now that you have the quest started, the first step is to find where the PC Giant was Constructed. Then, you’ll need to take control of the PC Giant Main Computer.

To do that, you’ll want to go to the Boreas map and look for the entrance shown below. This area is in the opposite direction of the buildings near where the spawn is.

ToiletVerse Entrance

Go inside the area and head straight to the very back. There, you’ll find the area shown below and you’ll want to head to the doorway to the right.

ToiletVerse Door To The Right

After heading into the doorway go to the left and follow the path up the stairs.

ToiletVerse To Stairs

Then, go straight and follow the hallway to the very end.

ToiletVerse Hallway 1

Once you’re at the very end of the hallway, head to the left doorway and follow the path.

ToiletVerse Hallway 2

You’ll end up in a room where there are a bunch of PCs on a desk. Interact with the PC and hack it to take control of the Main PC.

ToiletVerse PC Hack

Collecting The PC Parts

Now that we’ve hacked the main PC, you’ll want to head back to the hallway and go to the room to the left with blue walls.

ToiletVerse Blue Walls Room

There, you’ll find it connects to another hallway with yellow floors. Go through that and head to the left down the ramp. Once you’re down the ramp, stick to the left wall.

ToiletVerse Yellow Floor Hallway

After following the left wall a bit, you’ll see this area shown below. Go to the right where the arrow is pointing.

ToiletVerse Cave

Continue the path keeping an eye on the right side. There, you’ll find a doorway. Go inside and head to the left.

ToiletVerse To PC Parts

On a table, you’ll find the PC parts. You can then press and hold the E-key to collect them. For some reason, this takes a while to do.

ToiletVerse Collect PC Parts

Collect PC Giant Light Source

In the next part of the quest, we’ll need to find the PC Giant Light Source. This can be tricky since the underground facility is big. Perhaps, the developers have made it as confusing as possible to take as much time as possible, but we don’t want that.

To make things easier, go into a tight hallway and use a large morph like Upgraded Speaker Giant. When you switch to a big morph, it’ll glitch you out of the facility where you can see how big it is.

ToiletVerse Glitch

When you’re out of the bounds of the map, look for the area shown above. It’s a room just above the train tracks. Use a smaller morph like Dark Speaker Boy to get close to the table in that room.

ToiletVerse Collect Light Source

When you get close enough, you’ll get the prompt to collect the Light Source!

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot more morphs out there, check out our guide on how to get the GToilet if you haven’t gotten it already!

Search For The PC Giant Energy Source

Now that you have the light source, you’ll want to go back inside the facility and head to where you found the PC Parts. Continue down the path and head to the left as shown below.

ToiletVerse To PC Giant Energy Source

You’ll go inside another concrete hallway, and follow the path until you reach the long tunnel with railroad tracks.

ToiletVerse Long Tunnel

The tunnel is very long, and it’ll take a bit even for the fastest morphs to get there. Once you’re at the end, you’ll enter a room and in one of the corners, there’s a cabinet with the number “16” on it. Go to that cabinet and interact with it to get the PC Giant Energy Core!

ToiletVerse Search Box

Steal the Energy Source from another Player

The last step of the quest is quite easy since all you need to do is kill another player. Doing so will complete the quest and a pop-up saying that you’ve done it will appear. You’ll get several different rewards as well as the PC Giant Morph!

ToiletVerse Attack Player

That’s how you can get the PC Giant Morph and finish the quest in ToiletVerse! Now, go out there and try it out yourself. There are a lot more morphs out there so go check out our complete guide on the 2.0 update for more information!


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