Sol’s RNG: Era 5 Update Guide (150M Aura & New Weather)

All clues!

Sol’s RNG‘s Era 5 Update will soon be released, and we already have some sneak peeks for what to expect in this newest update. From new auras to new weather, we are here to delve into every existing hint about this next release. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Sol’s RNG’s Era 5 Update in this guide!

Era 5 Update Guide

Although we do not yet know the exact release date for this new update, we are rather excited about a few of the hints we have. In this update, we are expecting to see a new rain system, a new aura, and a new cave.

We do not yet know the specifics of how these will work because we only have sneak peeks at them. But we will still talk about our opinions throughout the remainder of this guide.

Sol's RNG: Era 5 Update Guide

Rain System

Sol’s RNG has a weather system that changes based on the biome you are in. The weather could be windy or snowy. With this new update, we will have one additional weather option: Rainy weather.

We are not sure if it will make any major improvements to the game; it could just be about having rain in the game.

Sol's RNG new rain system.

New Auras

We have two new Auras that are waiting for us in this next release. These are the Archangel Aura and the Poseidon Aura.

You can see how cool they look by taking a look at the images below. However, Poseidon is not finished yet, so there might be some changes to that one.

Before seeing these new auras, make sure to check out our Sol’s RNG: Best Aura Tier List to have a prior idea about how they will work along with the other auras.

Archangel Aura in Sol's RNG.

Poseidon Aura in Sol's RNG.

New Cave

This one is pretty predictable; we are going to have a new cave in the game. However, this update might also include a new mining system along with the cave. We think that the players can use the mining system to get some rewards, such as potions or coins.

New cave in Sol's RNG.

Other Leaks

Along with these three major leaks, we also have a couple of other clues about this new update. These are:

  • Chromatic: Exotic
  • Virtual: Full Control
  • XBOX is coming to Sol’s RNG.

We do not have much information on these ones, but it is possible for players to see these new additions in the game as well.

Chromatic in Sol's RNG.

These are everything we expect to see in the newest Era 5 Update of Sol’s RNG. We are hoping that the update will be released soon. If you have any other questions or ideas about this new release, feel free to leave a comment below.

If you are a beginner in the game, make sure to take a look at our Beginners Guide for Sol’s RNG before the update.


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