Starfield: How to Delete Landing Area

For now, this is your only way of removing landing areas!

Starfield: How to Delete Landing Area

In Starfield, you’ll be in a space-themed setting where you explore many different planets and galaxies. As you progress and explore many of the locations, you’ll find the need to mark the locations so you know where to continue after you come back.

This comes with the Landing Area feature, which allows you to mark locations where you previously explored on a planet. However, some people find this feature to be confusing and may look for a way to remove it. In this guide, we’ll discuss about whether you are able to delete these Landing Areas.

How to Delete Landing Area

If you land on a planet and explore it many times, you’ll see your planet overview marked with the Landing Area icons.

These icons will indicate where you have been on a planet in your previous explorations. These stack up to around 4 and 5 locations, which you can view on your map.

Starfield: How to Delete Landing Area

Once you’ve landed on a planet, you’ll see yourself next to your ship. You’ll have to place down an outpost beacon nearby.

You’ll want to try your best and put it as close as you can to the nearby ship. Next, press the key the game gives you to place down an outpost beacon.

Starfield Outpost

After that, you’ll want to exit build mode and walk to the Outpost Beacon. When you are next to it, you’ll be able to see the key you can press to remove the beacon.

Then, a menu will pop up and you can select accept to permanently remove the outpost.

Starfield Remove Outpost

After that, you’ll want to run back to your ship and jump into it so you can go back into orbit.

Then, immediately space jump or travel to another planet of your choice. As a result of doing that, you’ll be able to remove the Landing Area.

Starfield Planet Map

That is how you are able to delete Landing Area in Starfield. In the future, we may see the option to delete these landing areas. For now, the only thing you can do is to make use of this one trick to remove all the Landings Areas that you don’t want on your map.

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