Starfield: Waterfall Location on New Atlantis

Best place to start an intergalactic romance story.

Waterfall In New Atlantis

Starfield offers players the chance to engage in romantic relationships with various companions, including Sarah. If your relationship with Sarah develops positively, it will trigger the ‘In Memoriam’ quest, which sends you on a romantic journey to a special location. This guide is on Waterfall location on New Atlantis, where you will need to visit in order to advance your romantic quest with Sarah.

New Atlantis Waterfall Location

Planet Jemison Starfield

The Waterfall is in the Commercial District on New Atlantis, so if you aren’t already there, first you need to go to the Alpha Centauri System, then Planet Jemison.

Elevator To Commercial District Waterfall Starfield

After getting to New Atlantis, take the ramp towards the Jemison Mercantile in the Commercial District. Go past the Mercantile and on your left, you will find an elevator.

Waterfall Promenade Starfield

Get on the elevator and choose “Waterfall Promenade”. After getting off the elevator, go straight and follow the road for a while. You will find yourself on a bridge, with the waterfall to your left. If you are doing the “In Memoriam” quest, Sarah will stop you on the bridge to have a chat.

That sums it up for this guide on Waterfall Location on New Atlantis in Starfield. Are you perhaps interested in going to the Doctor in New Atlantis? If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

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