Starfield: Will It Be Included In The Xbox Game Pass?

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Bethesda is one of the biggest and most famous open world RPG developers out there with their hit game Skyrim re-releasing for at least a dozen times or so the memes go. With the news that the new Elder Scrolls game won’t be coming out for a while, people look forward to the other game on their list, Starfield. There’s a lot of news floating around on the game but one thing is for sure on everyone’s minds, can we save money by getting it in Xbox game pass? Well in this article we’ll answer that question.

Will Starfield Be Included In The Xbox Game Pass?

Starfield is the newest IP from Bethesda and instead of a Post-Apocalyptic America or a fantasy RPG with heavy modding potential, we venture out into space in a Sci-fi setting. This was a pleasant surprise for the fans who thought it would be another Fallout or Elder Scrolls game.

With news of the game being an Xbox exclusive, will it be in the Xbox game pass as well?

The short answer is yes! Starfield is one of the biggest games that is going to release in the Xbox game pass, so if you want to save money or don’t want to commit into buying the game and want to try it out first, get it in game pass!

This isn’t the first time games released in the Xbox Game Pass but it sure is one of the biggest out there, so rejoice since we’ll save a lot of money by just subbing to the game pass!

The game pass is really a great deal for people who want to save money and still don’t want to miss out on latest releases.

It’s Microsoft’s strongest trump card in the gaming sphere and for good reason! Many thanks to oo for showing us this information, if you want to know more on the other games that’s going to release in the game pass this year, check out their video right here: ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING Coming to Xbox Game Pass In 2023! – YouTube

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