Sun Haven: Is There Multiplayer & Is It Any Good?

It’s always better with friends!

There’s a lot of different farm life simulators out there, some of them focus a bit more on the actual farming like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, while others focus more on combat like and adventure. Sun Haven is one of those games and it’s one where you go on quests with magic, monsters and even dragons while also having a neat little farm for you to customize. Of course we’ve been spoiled by games like Stardew Valley and its co-op so does Sun Haven have multiplayer? Let’s find out if it does and if it’s actually good.

Is There Multiplayer & Is It Any Good? | Sun Haven

Playing any game with friends can make a bad game good, and I’m not saying that Sun haven is a bad game. In fact it’s one of the more engaging farm life sims out there and it can even be better with friends. That’s right Sun Haven has up to 8 player co-op, which is a great change from the usual 4 player limit of other games.

The game is designed for co-op in mind so you and your friends can go into adventures, fighting monsters and flinging magic or just chilling in a farm and meeting the many different NPCs in the game. Or you can go into countless hours of discussion on who the best romance-able character is that may also include violence between your friends, but that’s just the added fun part of it!

Congratulations you now know that Sun Haven is multiplayer, now go out there and get the game, play it with friends and watch the countless debates on how your place is better than theirs, now that’s what friendship is for!

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