The Best Warzone 2.0 Signal 50 Loadout

Did you get one-shot from across the map and are now trying to find a loadout to do the same yourself? Let’s go over what appears to be the most popular loadout for the Signal 50 Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2.0.

Snipers were off to a very weak start when Warzone 2.0 first released. They were also a very low-tier weapon in the majority of modes Multiplayer had to offer. Many players who were looking for long-range weapons for their loadout would, instead of a sniper rifle, rather use an LMG such as the RPK or an AR such as the TAQ-56.
Recently, however, they’ve made a subtle comeback with the Signal 50 taking the lead. This sniper rifle can be made into an absolute beast with the right attachments and tuning, so let’s get into the specifics!

Warzone 2.0 – The Best Signal 50 Loadout

The list below is going to mention an ideal attachment first, followed by a decent alternative in case you don’t yet have the first attachment unlocked.

  • Stock – FSS Echo Stock (-4.00 for weight & +1.78 for length)
  • Rear Grip – Cronen Blockade Grip (0.00 for weight & +4.5 for length)
    Alternatively, you may use the SA Finesse Grip (similarly tuned).
  • Ammunition – .50 Cal High Velocity (no tuning)
  • Barrel – 29” TV Kilo-50 (+0.35 for weight & 0.00 for length)
  • Laser – FSS Ole-V Laser (default tuning)
    Alternatively, you may use the Schlager PEQ Box IV.

This Signal 50 sniper build is a great choice for experienced players but an even better one for beginners.

You will be able to kill enemies within 2 shots most of the time, and with this setup you’re going to have a relatively easy time landing both of them, and fairly quickly at that!

Have fun two-shotting everyone out there, and don’t forget to equip the right perk package!

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