Warzone 2.0 DMZ: Black Mous Tier 2 Mission Guide Season 2

That’s a lot of tough missions!

Call of Duty has been one of the biggest arcade FPS games out there, it’s getting so big that they even dipped their toes in the Extraction Shooter Genre. Call of Duty Warzone DMZ is a game mode that’s more like an Extraction shooter lite, you jump into a big map, get items and do missions and try to extract out.

Recently it got a big update that added a new map along with a new boss as well as new missions. In this guide, we’ll show you all the Tier 2 Black Mous Missions in the game!

Black Mous Tier 2 Mission Guide Season 2 – Warzone 2.0 DMZ

In Call of Duty Warzone DMZ, there are these factions that give missions for you to do when you go out there on the map. These missions often reward you with XP and cool guns so it’s good to do them since not only does it reward you but also gives you something to aim for.

These are all the Tier 2 missions for the Black Mous.

Custom Hardware

This mission is simple, find a GPU and a few game consoles and place them inside a dead drop. Then extract 3 encrypted Hard drives.

The dead drop can be found in the Beachclub Area, there you’ll go to the gas station and at the back of it is a dumpster and that’s the dead drop.

The Game consoles can easily be found all over the map but the closest one to the Dead drop is the market area nearby to the north.

The GPU is much harder to find since it’s a rare drop so keep checking the CPUs in different buildings and hope to RNG that you can get it.

The encrypted Hard drives are easy since they can be found in CPUs in Al-Mazrah.

Weapons Research

This one is pretty easy as well since all you need to do is finish a Hunt Squad Contract and extract with an enemy operator’s weapon.

Just go for the Skull icon contract on the map, pick it up, and get ready to hunt some players. Once you defeat them get one of their weapons and extract with it!


Probably one of the harder missions out there, this mission needs you to complete a Raid Weapons Stash contract without taking body damage.

Go look for the Raid Weapon Stash contracts scattered around the map and complete them without taking damage beyond your plates.

I highly suggest you carry as many plates as you can and don’t be too aggressive when fighting the AI.

Getaway Vehicle

This one is another challenging mission because it involves going to some tough places. First, you need to get an RHIB and park it along the walled shore across the river South of Sa’id City.

Then you’ll need to defeat 10 AI in Sa’id city, which can be quite easy.

The hard part is to find a gas can and place it in the dead drop in the Sattiq Caves. That place is crawling with tough AI enemies and you need to do all of this in one deployment.

Return To Sender

For this next one, you’ll need a key, which means RNG is your toughest enemy for this mission. You need the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Key.

Once you have it you’ll need to go to that house in the Sattiq Caves Complex shown above.

Once you enter go to the corner of the room where you’ll find the Politician’s Laptop.

Now all you need to do is to place the laptop into the Sattiq Dead Drop, the location of which is shown above.

Crash Down

One of the newest addition to the Al Mazrah map is the crashed plane in the Sattiq Caves Complex, and that’s where you’re going to go next.

The Crash Down mission needs you to investigate the Crash site by just going into the crashed plane and also killing 5 enemies around the area in the same deployment.

Political Takedown

The last one involves the plane again so it’s dangerous since there’s a lot of tough AI there. We have a guide right here that shows you how to do this Political Takedown mission.

Congratulations you now know how to do all the Tier 2 Black Mous missions in Call of Duty DMZ, now go out there and try to finish it all!

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