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Do your gaming on the go!

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Zenless Zone Zero

When you think of work, you’re actually thinking of what you can do on your phone while pretending to look busy at work.

Watching a movie or series will probably just put you to sleep, and that’s the last thing you want to happen while you’re on the clock.

So the next best solution to keep your attention span happy is playing a game on your mobile device. That’s one problem out of the way, but what game are you going to play? What genre will get your neurons firing? Find out more as we show you the best upcoming games of 2024!

Best Upcoming Mobile Games of 2024

There’s plenty of genre’s to go about when it comes to mobile gaming, you even have games where you can leave your phone to run while everything else gets done for you.

Of course, we’ll look through titles where your undivided attention is needed as well.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Assassins Creed Jade

Lost Ark

Following the successful launch of the same title on PC, Lost Ark will finally make its way to your mobile device after six years of development.

Now, you’ll be able to go through dungeons, explore the unknown, and fight big bosses from the comfort of your… Well, wherever you currently are at the moment.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Lost Ark

Rainbow Six Mobile

If you put the words “mobile” and “gaming” together, add a few extra letters, and remove unnecessary ones you get the word “Sweat.” Sweat was commonplace in Rainbow Six Siege and it will continue to do so in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Experience tactical warfare and negligent discharges as you assemble your squad of operators and dominate the battlefield on your smartphone.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Rainbow Six

One Punch Man World

The game will have you fight side by side with Saitama along with other prominent figures from the One Punch Man Universe. In this open world RPG, you will do more than just cardio.

You will train endlessly in the pursuit of becoming the strongest hero imaginable while trying to avoid getting labeled a freak by your peers.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games One Punch Man World

7 Deadly Sins Origin

Experience a new storyline with your favorite characters from the 7 Deadly Sins Universe. Partake in world ending battles in this Action RPG with Meliodas on your console, PC, and more importantly, your Cellphone! Do people still use that word?

Best Upcoming Mobile Games 7 Deadly Sins Origin

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

It’s just like playing Skyrim! Only this time, instead of using your fridge, you can tap away at your enemies without having to use a mouse and keyboard. Play battle royale solo or with your friends and be the last man or woman standing!

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Solo Leveling: ARISE

Netmarble’s at it again with this action-packed RPG. Hunt monsters, do quests and brave dungeons alone with Sung Jinwoo in order to support your family and live to see another day.

Just like in the original webtoon, you too, can extract your defeated enemy’s shadows and force them to fight alongside you.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Solo Leveling ARISE

Zenless Zone Zero

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Try Zenless Zone Zero! A unique mix of Action RPG complete with roguelike elements to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Explore the world of New Eridu, discover various factions, traverse the Hollows with your squad, and fight through labyrinths as you take on dangerous commissions!

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Zenless Zone Zero

Assassin’s Creed Jade

You’ve already seen most of the world at different points in time while playing through Assassin’s Creed.

Now, you’ll have easy access to all of Ancient China’s secrets with the help of the phone in your pocket. Experience the thrill of becoming a master assassin once more in mid 2024!

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Assassins Creed Jade

Wuthering Waves

Open world exploration hasn’t died just yet, and that’s exactly what Wuthering Waves brings to the table.

This immersive RPG will have a huge world to explore, enemies to conquer, and a captivating story to top it all off. Expect this to come on your mobile device by late 2024.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Wuthering Waves

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence

An online open world RPG that brings the iconic Division experience to your cellular. Team up with other players and take on post-apocalyptic New York to try and rebuild society. Because the cradle of civilization just has to be at a business district somewhere. This too, will be available during late 2024.

Best Upcoming Mobile Games Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence

Now, you know what games will keep you busy on your next company outing or whenever your relatives come to visit during the holiday season. Tell us in the comments which game you’re looking forward to the most!

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