Warzone 2 DMZ: All Spawn Points on the New Map Ashika Island

For the emperor!

The Land of the Rising Sun makes a return in everyone’s favorite shooter, revisit temples and castles as you fight your way through Ashika island in your never-ending quest for glory!

But as the clever hawk hides its claws, you know it would be in your best interest to get to know the map as soon as humanly possible as this will contribute greatly to your success. And what better way to achieve that is by knowing your spawn points?

After all, if you know where your enemy will be and where you won’t be, then you would’ve already won by simply arriving there earlier.

All Spawn points on the New Map Ashika Island | Warzone 2 DMZ

Most of the spawn points you’ll end up in on the new map will be on the coast, this is no surprise as the map is an island with a castle in the middle.

This would be the place where you will be having your last stand.

There are six known spawn locations on Ashika island, and all of them are fairly distant from each other to prevent spawn camping. Knowing these points would be crucial as it lets you plan your very first move.

Do you head towards the center and fight the rest of the population or pick your targets off along the way so you won’t have to look over your shoulder as you progress?

The choice is completely up to you.

The terrain varies as there are hills and mountains along the way, which would be great for ambush spots. You will also stumble upon a hidden bunker that can be found in the waterways section of the map, as expected from the Japanese.

Weapon lockers, crates, and other helpful supplies can be found inside so you better get there fast!

Now that you know where you’ll end up in once the match starts you’ll basically be the first in the field and the only thing you have to do next waits until you see the whites in your enemy’s eyes.

Best of luck to you soldier!

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