The First Descendant: Best Loot Farm Guide (Weapons, Reactors, Components, & Modules)

Can’t figure out how to farm loot? Check this article out!

The First Descendant, just like Warframe, has been confusing players with its wide range of game modes to choose from as they try to get all the best loot for their level. In this guide, we’ll share with you one tip that will hopefully help you farm high level weapons, reactors, and more!

Best Loot Farm Guide (Weapons, Reactors, Components, & Modules)

If you’re still progressing through the story, playing the missions scattered all around the map can be a good way of farming everything you’ll need as you level up. However, later on, you’re probably going to be hunting for higher level stuff.

If you go to the main hub area of Albion, take a left immediately after leaving the spawn area. There, you will find the Infiltration Operations Terminal, which has a giant holographic orange globe on it.

The First Descendant infiltration operations terminal

Here, you can go on what are essentially dungeons within the regions that you have currently unlocked in the story. If you choose the highest level zone that you currently have, you will notice that the rewards are at the level you’re probably needing at the moment.

Take note that these may not necessarily be the best in slot for your preferred descendants, but they do provide some decent stuff for weapon level transmissions or plain dismantling.

On normal mode, these are fairly straightforward and can easily be cleared with a random team formed via the “public operation” option. Just bring a descendant with the appropriate level for the dungeon.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you are not guaranteed to get the loot you’re chasing for in a specific mission. Because of that, you might have to run through it several times, so pray for some good RNG.

The First Descendant bio-lab infiltration operation menu with rewards highlighted

If you still need to level up your descendant, the Kingston Albion Resource Defense mission via the Special Operations Terminal in Albion will be your best friend in that regard. It’s the one with the yellow globe just across the Infiltration Operations Terminal.

If you are still pretty early in the campaign, one alternative for lower levels is the Large Nuclear Reactor mission within the Sterile Land region. It is an easy way to get a lot of Kuiper shards and stuff that you can dismantle for future upgrades.

Void Intercept Battles are another alternative for higher level players, but these can be incredibly hard and require a good team to efficiently clear, if at all. We recommend progressing further into the game and keep upgrading your stuff using the other methods before attempting to farm these.

The First Descendant players in a void intercept battle

And those are some of the ways you can start farming a ton of loot in the game, with many other alternatives that people are continuing to discover over time. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to play with friends and form parties in The First Descendant so that you can start grouping up for these farming methods!


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