The First Descendant: How To Do 2x More Damage (Weapon Mod & DPS Guide)

Overpower your gun to annihilate any enemy in your path!

Meet the Descendants from the first-person looter shooter game called The First Descendants and become one of them yourself. The game allows you to possess unique abilities, play solo and co-op and save the human race! If you want your guns in the game to do more damage, we’ll tell you everything you need to know! 

How To Do 2x More Damage (Weapon Mod & DPS Guide)

Here’s our comprehensive guide on understanding Mods, DPS, enhancements for mods and much more. I’ll also discuss what you need to prioritize in order to make the most out of your guns and essentially increase damage by an exorbitant amount. 

So, keep reading till the end and you’ll have an overpowered gun that deals a ton of damage!


What if we told you that there are mods in the game that will essentially double or even triple the damage that your gun will deal in the game.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The DPS numbers and the sheet SPS that your guns show are not your actual DPS numbers.
  • The firearm attack or the base damage is exceptionally important to consider. This is because everything is scaling on your firearm size.
  • The RPM of your gun, the magazine sizes, and everything related, all need to be given heed as well because your firearm damage, your elemental damage and your RPM makes up the majority of your DPS.

To explain this concept further, look at the stats of the gun below:

Tamer machine gun stats in The First Descendant

The stats are great, and the level is pretty high. But let’s say we compare this gun with one that’s a level 64. If the gun has a fire attack percentage bonus, and a bigger toxic attack, the chances of the latter gun dealing more damage is higher, despite what the visible DPS shown tells us.

  • Gold or elemental damage, firearm attacks are exceptionally good, and you should consider them for your guns. All of these will boost up your damage. 

You can also learn how to level up your weapons through this guide on How to Level Up Weapons!

Mods that aren’t what they seem

There are mods that do a lot for your gun but don’t show it. Similarly, there are also mods that don’t essentially add anything of value to your guns and just take up space. You can call these second types “bait mods”. So, let’s consider a gun whose damage is 73,000. 

Tamer Machine gun stats in The First Descendant

If we were to equip the Weak Point Insight Mod, it’s says it gives you a 16% weak point damage, while also increasing your critical hit right, bringing your DPS up by 63.

Weak Point mod in The First Descendant

But unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. You’re supposed to be doing 73,000 x 16 because the weak point mod is supposed to be a multiplier on the DPS number. This however, does not show in the sheet DPS the same way that critical rate or critical damage doesn’t transparently show you what changed in the overall damage. 

Similarly, there are certain mods that do a lot for your overall DPS, but it doesn’t transparently show that. This is also the reason some players lose the opportunity in using some of the best mods the game has to offer. 

An example: For instance, the chill enhancement mod.

Chill enhancement mod in The First Descendant

This mod does not boost up your current chill damage. However, it adds a chill damage component to the gun based on 8% of your firearm attack. Which entails: the higher the firearm attack, the higher the chill damage dealt. 

So, if we do the math and consider the stats of the gun mentioned in the previous example, that’s 100 chill damage per bullet that exits your gun. That is an insane amount of overall damage increase. Many seem to not take this into consideration and end up losing the chance to double their overall DPS. 

Also, notice that when you equip the Chill enhancement mod, the stats on your gun will not change at all. 

Mod equipped in The First Descendant

But the reality is further from the truth. The gun (with the mod) absolutely does more damage. And we agree, this can also be super deceiving, which is why we recommend actually understanding each mod you equip to give you an edge in the game. 

Understanding Enhancements

The increase in damage doesn’t end here. When you make those mods stronger, like the chill enhancement one for instance, it ramps up very fast. The mod is initially 8% but you can make it stronger and upgrade it to 9%. This will increase the capacity cost and will also ramp up how much you get per level. 

Mods Enhancements in The First Descendant

Let’s say you keep upgrading it from 9% to 10.2% to 11.6% (it increases at a rate of 1.4 per level). This allows it to scale up, which in turn increases your chill damage. To put it into perspective, you’re getting 25% or 30% more damage than before stacked onto your gun. 

That will be around 20,000 – 40,000 damage per second if we consider how a single bullet does hundreds of more damage and then how we’re sending out thousands of bullets over the course of a boss fight. 

So, a little increase in percentage matters more than you would believe and it’s imperative that you enhance your useful mods to make the most of it. 

Knowing what to prioritize

Let’s look at the Rifling Reinforcement mod. 

Rifling reinforcement mod in The First Descendant

This mod essentially brings up your base firearm damage. And we know that the chill enhancement mod also scales off of your firearm damage, so the higher the base number goes (which it will because of the rifling reinforcement mod) the more chill damage. Therefore, the Rifling Reinforcement mod is a priority.

The capacity with this goes up pretty quick and it takes up 14% of the module capacity. Upon leveling up, it’s going to be 16 out of 45 of the module capacity.

You cannot equip 15 different mods; you’re going to need to pick and choose a very few and then max those out because it’s going to give you a chance to do the most damage. You need to pick like 3 mods that complement each other as a whole and can deal lots of damage.

Elemental damage is very good if you’re fighting a boss that’s weak to a certain element. Adding an elemental mod on is going to be very useful and will ultimately boost up your base damage of your gun. So minimum, you’re going to want to have at least one elemental added damage.

What your module capacity should include:

Let’s look at what you need to equip as your starting point:

  1. As mentioned before, equip the Rifling Reinforcement mod as a priority because it boosts up your base damage.
  2. Add an elemental mod, either chill, toxic, fire or anything along those lines.
  3. Third, a Fire Rate Up mod that essentially does the same job as the Rifling Reinforcement mod. Both of these mods need to be maxed out to make the most of, otherwise it may not work as well as you may expect. 
Mods equipped to gun in The First Descendant

All three of these will take up the majority of your max capacity. When you have them maxed out, you’ll have nearly no room for any other modules but with these three, you won’t need any other ones if utilized efficiently. 

With these three modules, instead of 50k or 60k damage, you’ll end up doing hundreds of thousands of damage, which should be your goal.

In terms of modules, that’s all there is for increasing damage. Let’s look at our other option: Crafting.


This was not stated as an option in the beginning because you need to be at the very end of the game. When you start crafting things at that point, you can get an energy capacitor

Energy capacitor in The First Descendant

This will open some doors for increasing your damage and will bring your max capacity up an exponential amount. However, it is not entirely easy to acquire these. 

Unfortunately, as of right now you cannot get enough crit rate or crit damage to make this a viable option. Additionally, your weapon’s base amount will need to be as high as humanly possible in the early games before you start getting specialized things like weak points hits or crit rate. 

You also need to remember that crit hit is valuable if the base damage amount is good. So if you critical hit with a good base amount, this equals to a high overall damage.  

So, currently your focus should be on efficiently utilizing your mods and module capacity, just like we’ve shown you above. We hope everything was explained clearly in this guide and you can always ask questions down in the comments below. 

You may also have some other questions on fully making your gameplay and battles as efficient as possible so here’s a guide on Which Character Should You Play? In The First Descendants that you need to check out now!


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