The First Descendant: How To Open Amorphous Material Guide

Are they really impenetrable?

Join The First Descendant and become one of the Descendants yourself to fight against invaders and for the ultimate survival of the human race all while protecting ‘Ingris continent’. In the game, Amorphous material comes with fun rewards. Our guide will tell you all you need to know to open them. 

How To Open Amorphous Material Guide

You can earn some Amorphous material in various ways like completing missions, special operations and other repeatable content. Once you get your hands on some Amorphous material, the real challenge is to open them up. The secret is that the material requires a device that assists you in opening them. Let’s see what that device is and how to acquire it.

Reconstructed Device

Once you get your hands on an Amorphous material, you’ll need a reconstructed device to help you open it. A Reconstructed Device is specific to each type of Amorphous Material. To acquire the reconstructed device, you’ll need to defeat the boss from the Void Intercept battle or Void Fusion Reactor Missions.

Amorphous material loot in The First Descendant

 You can also learn which material is linked to which boss through the Void Intercept menu in Albion. Once you complete the missions, the device will spawn allowing you to open up your Amorphous Material.

Reconstructed Device in The First Descendant

Rewards from the Amorphous are randomized based on an RNG system. So, there is no guarantee you’ll get the items you’ve been wanting but it’s still worth a shot. This, however, may lead to repetitive farming of the same amorphous material.

Now that we have the device, how do you use it on your Amorphous Material? 

Opening the Amorphous Material through the Reconstructed Device

Once you interact with your reconstructed device, you’ll have three options to choose from. It’s important that you assess your options before picking the wrong one. This especially applies if you’re looking to pick a specific character. 

For instance, if you’re looking to unlock Bunny, you’ll need to pick the Bunny Pattern which will give you the Bunny Code.

Amorphous Material Loot in The First Descendant

And that’s how you use the Reconstructed Device to try to acquire a desired item/character. 

Where Can I get some Amorphous?

You can find some Amorphous material patterns as mission loot as you complete specific missions and void intercept battles. 

Battle in The First Descendant

You can examine the details of that specific mission by heading to Anais in Albion and opening up the research menu to understand the potential rewards you would get from it. 

You can even choose the Descendant you’d like to research and discover which Amorphous Materials you’ll need for that descendant. 

The missions include: 

  • Void Intercepts
  • Special Operations
  • Resource Defense missions
  • Mind Blocking missions
  • Zone Recon Missions.

And that’s how you open up the Amorphous Materials in First Descendants. If you’re stuck on the Bunny Mission, we have just the thing to help. Here’s a guide on Where To Find The Grave Walker in Bunny Mission!


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