The First Descendant: How To Successfully Infiltrate A Recon Mission Guide

Having a hard time completing Recon Missions? Here are some tips and pointers!

The First Descendant: How To Successfully Infiltrate A Recon Mission Guide

If you’ve messing around with The First Descendant for quite some time now, then you must’ve come across a Recon Mission. While it’s pretty straightforward, which is to destroy the orange towers in the area without getting spotted. There are more mechanics around the Recon Mission, but it’s not that easy to complete, right? If it was, you wouldn’t be here. Now, I’m here with this guide to show you some tips and information to help you out!

How To Successfully Infiltrate A Recon Mission Guide

The First Descendant isn’t typically known for its stealth mechanics. While Sharen has an ability that allows her to go invisible, stealth options are quite limited. So, how do you successfully complete the Infiltrate Recon missions, which require clearing objectives without being spotted? I’ll provide you with some pointers that you can use if you want to complete a Recon Mission with ease!

The First Descendant Recon Mission in the map.
  1. Create a Private Lobby: First things first, set up a private lobby. Public lobbies can be chaotic, and other players might unintentionally ruin your mission by destroying necessary objectives.
  2. Locate Recon Towers: Each recon mission has three recon towers scattered throughout the area. While I don’t have the exact locations for all of them, I’ll include the ones I do know in this video. Your objective is to disable all three surveillance towers. When you do, you’ll get a four-minute timer to proceed.
  3. Stealth and Strategy: This is where it gets tricky. Once all towers are activated, surveillance tanks will appear. Avoid using AOE moves as they can unintentionally destroy these tanks. The key is to remain unseen. If you have a Descendant with invisibility, use it to sneak past enemies and disable the tanks before being spotted.
    • If you’re seen, you’ll enter alert mode, forcing you to kill all enemies and wait for the alert to reset. Hiding doesn’t work well since the AI will find you. You need to interact with the tanks by pressing X, so hiding is pointless.
  4. Clear Enemies Quickly: Kill all enemies as quickly as possible to keep the surveillance level down. This is why a private lobby is crucial – you don’t want others destroying the tanks prematurely. Having a friend to help can be beneficial, as enemies spawn rapidly, especially in more challenging areas.
  5. Completing the Mission: Once you’ve cleared the enemies and disabled the tanks, the timer will reset. You might have to repeat this process a few times due to the fast respawn rate of enemies. It can be frustrating, but persistence is key.
Capturing Recon Towers to extend the timer for Recon Mission in The First Descendant.

Additional Tips & Pointers

  • Stay in Private Lobbies: Avoid the chaos of public lobbies.
  • Use Stealth: If possible, use a character with invisibility to avoid detection.
  • Be Fast: Quickly eliminate enemies to prevent the alert from resetting.
  • Team Up: Consider playing with a friend to manage the rapid enemy respawns.

And that’s everything you need to know about successfully infiltrating Recon Missions in The First Descendant. Currently, the mission might not always yield rewards, and there could be bugs affecting the drop rates. Hopefully, these will be fixed in future updates. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Up next, check out our guide on how to play with friends and form parties in The First Descendant so that you can start grouping up for the Recon Missions!


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