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Tower of Fantasy: Apple Farming Route | Apple Location

Collect apples using this easy farming route.

Farming routes continue to be a staple in guides for RPG’s. Besides relentlessly attacking enemies until they drop specific items, farming routes are used for more simpler items that can be found in the open world. While enemies can drop certain items that can be found in farming routes, it is usually much preferred over having to spend hours mashing the attack button on unsuspecting foes. In this guide, we will be focusing on the apple farming routes. If you are interested and are actively trying to farm apples, then this guide is for you.

Apple Farming Route – Tower of Fantasy

Apples can be found by finding them on the ground. They are usually found around trees, so you should head to an area that is populated with them. I recommend the area near Banges Dock, just east of it.

When in the area, look for Fallen Fruit. You cannot actually pick up apples off the ground, but you get them when you pick up Fallen Fruit. Although, it is a bit of a chance game. Meaning that you won’t get an Apple every time you pick up a Fallen Fruit. You will have to actively search the area for any trees and check under them.

If you have drained the area east of Banges Dock of all Fallen Fruit, then you can go to this new area where it is also full of trees. Just above Ring of Echos, near the water, you can find a large area full of trees.

Just like before, search every base of the trees for Fallen Fruit. You can even expand your search radius a little wider, as the area is full of trees.

These aren’t the primary spots for apple farming. There are other farming spots for apples. As long as you find a large quantity of trees, then you take advantage of it and see if you can find Fallen Fruit under them.

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