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Tower of Fantasy: Metal Material Farming Route | Fast Metal

Farming Materials can be tough work!

Faming materials in video games can be a hassle. Most games that have grinding in them often boils down to a repetitive and monotonous farming of currency or items and materials by killing monsters over and over again. Most people do this without any plan, just go around and find a monster that drops what you need, defeat it and repeat. This can take a lot of time, and for most people time is more valuable, so in this guide we’ll show you an efficient route in farming Metal Material in Tower of Fantasy.

Metal Material Farming Route | Fast Metal For Tower of Fantasy

Metal Material, just like Energy Material is a currency that you can get from defeating enemies. They can be used to upgrade buildings or exchanging them for items in the exchange store.

If you’re actually looking for Energy Materials then we have a guide right here: Tower of Fantasy: Energy Material Farming Route | Fast Energy

To start the route, you’ll first need to be in Build Mode, then you’ll need to follow the path shown on the image below. This area is around the Ring Arena and in each of the areas marked with a circle are enemies you need to defeat. Defeating them will get you Metal Material.

After finishing the previous path, the next one would be southwest of the last area of the previous path. This time the general area is around Eyrie.

After finishing up the path above you’ll then need to go southeast to the Sea Gate passage. Then go through the enemies in that area.

After finishing the last area, you can then repeat the route. With a good character build the route takes at least 20 minutes to do, and it’s one of the more efficient routes out there if you need metal material.

Congratulations you now know where to farm Metal Material in Tower of Fantasy, now go out there and gather as much material as you can.

Many thanks to WarbyGaming for showing everyone how the route works, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Metal Material Farming Route (FAST METAL) – Tower of Fantasy

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