Tower of Fantasy: Balloon Fruit Salad Recipe

Put on your apron, it’s time to get cooking.

Food is important in games. Games often use food as sources for health when medkits aren’t around. Other times, they are used as buffs to help strengthen the player. It all depends on which game you are playing. For Tower of Fantasy, foods are used as a buff AND to restore health. There are a ton of recipes that give you different types of buffs, as well as regenerate some of your health. In this guide, we will be showing you how to cook the Balloon Fruit Salad recipe for some sweet, sweet health regeneration.

Balloon Fruit Salad Recipe – Tower of Fantasy

To cook the Balloon Fruit Salad recipe, you will need Balloon Fruit, Thornmato, and Salad Dressing. Once you have all of the required ingredients, find the nearest cooking machine and throw all of the ingredients inside.

Cook the ingredients and voila, you will have yourself a Balloon Fruit Salad. If you have any remaining ingredients left, you can throw them in as well.

Balloon Fruit Salad is a great health item to have around, so having a ton will help when you have to fight bosses and such.

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