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Tower of Fantasy: Fiber Material Farming Route | Fast Fiber

Farming Fiber! No this isn’t a farming game…

Online Video games these days have some sort of grinding or farming in them. It’s a relic of old game design and most video games these days don’t do it anymore. Some games though still stick to the tradition and when this happens players find the most efficient way to get past that tradition. They optimize farming routes and grinding to spend as little time as possible doing the monotonous grind, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to lower the grind of farming Fiber Material in Tower of Fantasy.

Fiber Material Farming Route | Fast Fiber For Tower of Fantasy

So why do you need to farm Fiber material in Tower of Fantasy? Well Fiber material is actually a form of currency you get from defeating enemies in the game.

These materials can be used to upgrade buildings or exchange them for other items in the Fiber Material Exchange Shop. If you’re looking for other materials then we can point you to our article on Energy Material here: Tower of Fantasy: Energy Material Farming Route | Fast Energy

To start the route, you’ll first need to be in the Build Mode. To do that you’ll have to go to the menu and press the Build Button. A menu will pop up and you can activate build mode there.

Then you’ll need to follow the route at the image below. The Ring Arena Area has a lot of enemies that when defeated drops Fiber Material. Go to the areas marked with a red circle and defeat the enemies there to get your materials.

The next area is around Eyrie. Same deal as before, follow the path shown on the image below, defeat the enemies and get your materials.

The last area on the route starts on the Sea Gate Passage, defeat the enemies there and head north to the other areas with enemies and defeat them as well.

Once done you can then repeat the process until you have enough materials!

Congratulations you now know how to farm Fiber Materials in Tower of Fantasy efficiently. Now go out there and farm those materials until you have enough!

Many thanks to WarbyGaming for showing everyone how the route works, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Fiber Material Farming Route (FAST FIBER) – Tower of Fantasy

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