Tower of Fantasy: Grilled Oyster Recipe

Fancy a Grilled Oyster to eat?

Eating food in games has never looked this good. With the progression of graphics and the resources developers use to make their games, everything from the dirt on your shoes to the pores on your face can now be seen in games. Even food has become mouth watering in video games lately. While you still have to cook them after collecting ingredients, you can always check out the previews of what they would like. Even Grilled Oyster looks delicious. If you are interested in said delicacy, then follow this guide and we will show you how to make Grilled Oyster.

Grilled Oyster Recipe – Tower of Fantasy

To make Grilled Oyster, you will only need one ingredient. Can you guess it? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with O and ends with R. If you guessed Oyster, then you are correct!

Surprisingly, you will only need an Oyster to make Grilled Oyster. Just pop an Oyster into the ye ole cooking machine, and a Grilled Oyster comes out. You can make as many as you want, as this is only one ingredient and you can find Oysters pretty much anywhere near the ocean.

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