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Tower of Fantasy: Ruin C-03 Hard | All 6 Chest Locations

A quick guide on how to get all of the 6 chests in Ruin C-03.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin C-03 Hard All 6 Chest Locations

With the introduction of patch 1.5, Tower of Fantasy now has more content available to all players. Players have now begun playing through the game, scouring every bit of land to find some great new additions and new loot. A place where you can find loot is by going through the Ruins, but on the Hard difficulty. This allows for more challenges, as well as more rewards. Both from completing the Ruins and from finding all 6 chests. In this guide, we will show you how to find all 6 chests in Ruin C-03.

Ruin C-03 Hard – Tower of Fantasy

Before we begin, bear in mind that you will need the Omnium Handcannon in order to do the things needed to get to the chests in this guide. There are other ways to do it without the Omnium Handcannon, but we have decided to go ahead with this guide as it is the easiest way and less time-consuming.

One of the first chests you can find is on a piece of rock in the large cavern. To get here, you will have to climb up the walls, or you can run up this slope and onto the edge that is next to the pipes.

Once on the ledge, use the pipes to jump to the platform that’s on the other side.

After reaching the platform, use the large rock pathway to get to the rock that is lodged between the steel walls and the rock pathway.

On the rock is the first chest out of 6.

From the last chest location, go to the platform next to you and head to the right side. There is a chest hidden behind the low wall.

From the last chest, climb up the rock wall next to you. You can use the rock platforms that are protruding to your advantage.

At the top, you will find a chest just sitting there.

From where you are at the last location, jump off and glide back to the entrance. You will see a chest on the side. It’s hiding in plain sight. You can get this from the beginning when you enter, but you can save it till you get the chest from the last location. You need to go back here anyway.

After getting the chest near the entrance, head to the waterfall.

Jump to the side of the wall and use your Omnium Handcannon and create a platform to get you to the second rock platform.

Aim at this rock that is protruding from the waterfall and use the Omnium Handcannon again. Jump onto the platform that was created and climb up till you can stand on the platform. Enter the waterfall and keep going.

Not so far in is the 5th chest, which leaves just one more.

After opening the last chest, jump down and enter the secret cave entrance that is behind the waterfall. Take the first left and you will find the last chest.

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