Underwater Company: All Creatures & Monsters Guide

A guidebook on how to deal with the creatures.

Underwater Company: All Creatures & Monsters Guide

If there’s anything we learned from Lethal Company, Underwater Company gets easier if you know how to deal with creatures in the game. Several creatures are easy and simple to deal with. But others can really ruin your entire run if you don’t know what to do.

We’re going to share a full index on the creatures and monsters in Underwater Company. Along with that, tips on how to deal with them. The game is currently in its beta stage and the developer also shared that they’re giving graphics overhaul soon.

All Creatures & Monsters Guide

There are 18 creatures currently in the game that you can index. Some of them are harmless and the others can be dealt with. But some you have to run away from on top of the occasional turrets spawn.


Rushfish is an easy enemy to deal with. They shouldn’t be a problem since you can just sidestep out of the way while they’re swimming. They’re also easily the first few enemies you find when you start a run.

Underwater Company Rushfish
4 Rushfish swimming by
Length: ~3 Studs
Height: ~1.2 Studs
Danger: Very Low

“A common fish in the ocean, the rushfish gets its name from the spike on its face, allowing it to swim faster. Even through people.”

Slime Snail

Slime Nail shouldn’t even be a problem most of the time because it can’t kill anyone. But it can be quite the annoyance if you’re running away and run into the slime’s trail. The slime’s trail sslows you down way slower than your walking speed.

Underwater Company Slime Snail
Slime Snail leaving behind slimey trail
Length: ~9.2 Studs
Height: ~6.4 Studs
Danger: Low

“Leaves all the doors open as he scoots along, leaving sticky slime.


The Hexacle is the equivalent of the friendly Spore Lizard in Lethal Company. Get too close and it’ll block your view with black ink. Difference is that the Hexacle isn’t known for dealing any damage at all, unlike the Spore Lizard if you get super close to it. It is completely harmless indeed.

Underwater Company Hexacle
Length: ~21 Studs
Height: ~5.5 Studs
Danger: Low

“A complete harmless creature, but easily spooked. If you get too close he will defend himself with ink and run off.”

Sea Serpent

You don’t negotiate with the Sea Serpent. Sea Serpent locks on as long as you’re in his line of sight. Break it by hiding behind covers and making turns, pretty similar to the Giants in Lethal Company.

Underwater Company Sea Serpent
Sea Serpent locking on a player
Length: ~53 Studs
Height: ~19 Studs
Danger: High

“The Sea Serpent is a massive creature based on sight. If he can’t see you he won’t chase you. If he spots you, try diving for cover.”

Sea Treader

Sea Treaders are similar to the creatures inspired in Subnautica, the game this took inspirations from. It travels in a herd.

If you stay under it and/or touch any of the legs, it will still attempt to step on you. It’ll be a one-hit kill, but you can easily dodge it.

Underwater Company Sea Treader
A herd of Sea Treader
Length: ~20 Studs
Height: ~50 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This massive creature doesn’t even notice your presence, but if it hears something walking underneath it, it can’t help but try to step on it.”


You can use a shovel to kill the Stalker, but as long as it’s not annoying, you can generally just outrun it. The further it is from its camping spot, the slower it gets.

Underwater Company Stalker
Length: ~18 Studs
Height: ~5.4 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This seaweed creature hides in random batches of seaweed to surprise attack you. He can’t move very far from it though and moves slower the farther he is from his hiding spot.”

Abyss Crab

The Abyss Crab can be killed with a shovel. They act similar to the Hoarding Bug in Lethal Company. If you don’t have the shovel, your best bet would be to run. Dropping an item can temporarily appease them.

Abyss Crab in Underwater Company
Abyss Crab hoarding loot
Length: ~10 Studs
Height: ~4.4 Studs
Danger: High

“The Abyss Crab loves nothing more than treasure. They will constantly seek out the most expensive item they can find, even if it’s in your pockets. A shovel could force something out of its claws, but you better run fast.”

Happy Snake

This is the Snare Flea of Lethal Company. It is weak and fortunately, third-person view means you don’t get your sight blocked. So, you can grab the shovel easily and smack it out of the way.

Happy Snake in Underwater Company
Happy Snake latching on a player
Length: ~9.6 Studs
Height: ~1.2 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This happy snake gets its name from its wide smile. Completely harmless. Unless he is underwater, then he will attempt to wrap himself around your face and suffocate you. Perhaps a shovel?

Deathglare (Shyguy)

Deathglare can be very tricky to deal with. The Deathglare is a loose mix of the Coilhead and the Bracken in Lethal Company.

The problem with Deathglare is it doesn’t just sneak–it can teleport away from your line of sight to attack you.

Quick flick to keep him away when he’s going after you and having your back against the corner are ways to avoid him. With that said, he doesn’t hit hard, so you can survive a few hits from it.

Deathglare or Shyguy in Underwater Company
Length: ~3.2 Studs
Height: ~7 Studs
Danger: High

“The origins of this monster are completely unknown. All that has been discovered is he hates being looked at.”

Abyss Dog

The Abyss Dog is the Thumper of this game but with less threat. The Abyss Dog will run in one straight line and crash the wall.

That will stun them for a long time, which is by far the easiest way to deal with it. Even better if you can let it run down a dead end and close the door on it.

Length: ~19 Studs
Height: ~6.4 Studs
Danger: Very High

“The abyss dog gets over excited when he spots a player and charges fast at the first person he sees but can’t stop. Maybe try sending him down a hallway.”


The Drowned are fake players in the game which will keep saying random thinsgs when you stick around. Best strategy? Don’t stick around for too long. It will shoot and kill you with one hit after saying, “I gave you a chance!”

Drowned speaking to a player
Length: ~1 Studs
Height: ~5 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This former employee is cursed to wander the facility forever. He will mindlessly whisper to anyone who is around, but if he tells you to leave, you should probably listen.”

Blind Basilisk

The Blind Basilisk is a rather unique creature. This is a large size creature that can spawn inside the facility. The best way to counter it is by not moving while in its sight.

Blind Basilisk passing by
Blind Basilisk
Length: ~66 Studs
Height: ~10.6 Studs
Danger: High

“This overgrown snake is completely blind, and can’t chase you if you don’t move.”


The Boneshark does not go after a player who still have full HP and is pretty passive. But once you bleed, it’ll go full speed on you. Go into the facility or back in your vessel to stay safe.

Boneshark in Underwater Company
Length: ~36.4 Studs
Height: ~12.5 Studs
Danger: Medium

“Despite his scary appearance, he is quite passive. Unless you are injured, since he smells blood.”


The description is pretty self-explanatory. You deal with them by doing absolutely nothing at all. They are very slow. Just don’t touch them and you’re fine.

Length: ~5.4 Studs
Height: ~10 Studs
Danger: Low

“Perpetually vibing in the currents of the ocean. If he hurts you it’s entirely your fault.”

Defense Bot

Defense Bot is very annoying because they keep chasing after you anywhere, all the time. You need to run pretty far to get rid of them. Although they take a few hits to be able to kill you.

Defense Bot
Defense Bot attacking
Length: ~6 Studs
Height: 15 Studs
Danger: High

“This malfunctioning defense robot was [made to] serve the company, but has gone rogue. If it detects you, he will attempt to remove you with 4 rockets.”


Thornstar is exactly the same as the Slime in Lethal Company. Just jump over them or head to a higher place they can’t climb on and you’ll be fine.

Thornstar passing by
Length: ~14 Studs
Height: 3 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This giant starfish will endlessly pursue any player in the facility. It’s slow, and easy to jump to over.”


Perhaps one of the more annoying ones, the Suffoclaw randomly pops up when you pick up an item. It can really drain your health if you don’t fight back quick with a shovel.

Suffoclaw dealing damage
Length: ~1 Studs
Height: ~1 Studs
Danger: Medium

“This barnacle hides in items, and will jump on your face if you pick up the item he is hiding in. Maybe you can protect yourself with a shovel before he latches on.”


You can jump and run when it’s about to attack as it’s going to stir up the sand around you. Press E quick to fight back if it gets you. It’ll take a while to kill you so you should have more than enough time to fight back.

Ravager attacking a player
Length: ~ Studs
Height: ~ Studs

“If you see the ground rumbling near you, a sandworm is likely to pop out and attempt to grab you and throw you arround until you’re mush.”

Tri Scrip

Very, very harmless! A completely friendly bug that you can pet anytime.

Tri Scrip
Length: ~1 Studs
Height: ~.5 Studs
Danger: Low

“This cute bug loves the company, and the company of the employees. If you see them, make sure to give them pets.”

Titan Toad

Titan Toad are also friendly and does not cause problem since they only eat Thornstars. You can touch them without taking damage at all.

Titan Toad
Player can touch Titan Toad without taking damage
Length: ~11 Studs
Height: ~4 Studs
Danger: Low

“This massive toad has gotten so large off of one diet – thornstars. He loves to eat them.”

Coral Head

The Coral Head works completely like a Coilhead or SCP 173. You don’t kill them, just lock them behind doors which will force them to take a while to find you. Keep your eye on them otherwise to keep them from attacking you.

Coral Head
Length: ~4 Studs
Height: ~10 Studs
Danger: High

“An employee infected with a terrible coral infestation, he’s grown a dozen eyes and only moves when nobody is looking.”

And those are all the creatures that you can find in Underwater Company and how to deal with them. Good luck and continue to be a great asset to the company.

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