No Man’s Sky: Best Ship Tier List Omega Update

Know what the different types are and which are the best!

No Man's Sky Best Ship Tier List Omega Update

No Man’s Sky is not stopping with its free updates and recently they’ve added the new Omega Update to the game. This adds a lot of new ships for players to find throughout the galaxy and collect for their fleet.

Of course, since there are new ships you’ll want to know if they’re good or not. The update also changed a few things that might shift how pre-existing ships fare against the new ones.

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best ship types in the game. Despite the different specialized roles, there are just some types that are overall better!

Best Ship Tier List Omega Update

In No Man’s Sky, there are a lot of different ship types for you to try out. Each ship also is graded from the lowest C-class to the highest S-class ships. The higher the class the bigger the bonuses but different classes give more bonuses to certain fields.

SIDE NOTE: We have a complete guide which covers everything you’ll need to know about the Omega Update of NMS! Make sure to check it out for more valuable info.

Here are all of the different ship types ranked on a tier list as some of them are just better than others!

No Man's Sky Ship Type Tier List

S – Tier

  • Exotic Ships – This type of ship can only come in S-Class and is overall a balanced ship. Despite it being balanced all of its stats are higher than average and is usually the safe pick for any playstyle.
  • Sentinel Ships – The great thing about these ships is that you can find them if you know the coordinates. Not only that but they require little to no repair. This ship class has high damage and maneuverability bonuses but little Hyperdrive bonus.

SIDE NOTE: If you know the coordinates of the Sentinel Ships you can just claim them as your own. So, here’s a guide on the 3 best Sentinel S-class ships in the game and their locations!

A – Tier

  • Fighter Ships – This ship class doesn’t have any hyperdrive bonus but it has the highest damage bonus. The shields and maneuverability are usually average, a great pick to pick fights with.
  • Solar Ship – This ship type has the average bonuses overall but has the bonus of having the fastest pulse drive speed. Not only that but it recharges the launch system automatically. This means one less thing to manage.

B – Tier

  • Explorer Ship – This ship type has no bonus to damage but has the highest bonus to hyperdrives. Not only that but it has an average shield and maneuverability. If you just want to explore and run away from fights then you can do both.

C – Tier

  • Hauler Ships – You might think that Haulers don’t get any bonuses besides cargo. They have the largest cargo capacity in the game but also have the highest shield bonuses. Not only that but it has average hyperdrive bonuses as well.

D – Tier

  • Shuttle Ships – The cheapest class to buy and it has lower overall bonuses to every field. There’s no reason you’ll want to buy one ship in this class unless it’s for the looks.

Those are all the ship types in No Man’s Sky, and which are the best ones for you to use. Now, go out there and get yourself the best ship types! Now that you know what the best ship types are, go check out our guide on how to access the Ship collection to check your ships out!


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