Update Xbox Controller Firmware on Windows

Get that controller updated!

We all know how annoying updates are in form of electronic media. There’s updates for games that come out of nowhere and even though it adds new or fixes stuff you’re still going to sit there and wait for it. It was worst back then when fast speed internet was pricey and every household had to rely of dial-up. These days the internet infrastructure is more robust, launchers with auto-updater are there and you don’t really have to do anything to update. Sometimes you want to manually do it though, just to check if it’s really up to date, and in this guide we’ll show you how to update your Xbox Controller Firmware in Windows.

Windows: Update Xbox Controller Firmware

There’s a lot of reasons you want to update your Xbox Controller firmware. If you mostly use the controller as a wireless one then there’s a high chance it hasn’t been updated in a while. This may become a problem for modern games not being able to work with your controller. To avoid that problem we’ll need to update your controller and this is how you do it.

Source: TroubleChute – YouTube

First you need to download the Xbox Accessories application in the Microsoft Store, don’t worry it’s free. All you need to do is search for it in the store and download, update and open it.

Source: TroubleChute – YouTube

Once you’re in the application you can then connect the controller you want to update using a cable. Then make sure the application detects your controller. Once it’s there just click the 3 dots button below configure and press update now.

Congratulations you now know how to update your Xbox Controller firmware on Windows, now go out there and update that controller! Many thanks to TroubleChute  for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Update Xbox Controller Firmware on Windows | Simple Guide – YouTube

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