Warcraft Rumble: Best Massive Bloodmage Push Deck

Massive push build, let’s go!

Warcraft Rumble: Best Massive Bloodmage Push Deck
Warcraft Rumble: Best Massive Bloodmage Push Deck

The Bloodmage Thalnos is an uncommon leader in Warcraft Rumble and is considered an average leader to use. But this guide will show you just how crazy the mage can be. Thalnos is a simple hero to use and once you get a hang of his passive, you’re going to have a ton of fun running this deck. Massive push style deck with Bloodmage Thalnos, here we go!

The Best Massive Push Deck for Bloodmage Thalnos

First, we’re going to talk about Thalnos’s Leader Ability: Gains 1 Level for each Spell you play, until death.

By spamming spells on the field, as long as Thalnos is alive, you can get him up to 9 or even better. Thalnos does splash damage as well.

The deck is built around this particular ability. Most important Spell to have is the healing spell, which can be Holy Nova. And then offensive spells such as Arcane Blast and Execute.

Arcane Blast is great to clean up the small mobs while the Execute is great to deal massive damage to tank. Do note this build can be weak against a deck that’s mostly uses aerial troops.

Warcraft Rumble: Best Massive Bloodmage Push Deck

Additionally, add Abomination as the tank, Ghoul who can heal itself, and the Skeletons. Skeletons is a great backstabber for towers, to get chests quick, and with talent, can be summoned in more numbers.

How to use Bloodmage Thalnos with this deck:

  • Push Thalnos with Abomination in front of him.
  • Ghoul can be an alternative temporary tank or to solo push a lane.
  • Skeleton is great to get chests.
  • Use Holy Nova to keep Thalnos alive, because he’s only powerful the more spells you use while he’s alive.

This is a solid massive push deck revolving around Bloodmage Thalnos and making full use of his Leader Ability. Let us know how you’re enjoying this build in the game!

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