Warlander: Assault Squad Guide | Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Increase your Win Rate by following these 5 tips!

Warlander Assault Squad Guide Top 5 Tips & Tricks

Use the god-like powers of Warriors, Clerics, and Mages. The game has a unique style that combines a medieval setting with magical items and skills. Learn to use siege weapons and spells that cause a lot of damage to take control of the battlefield and destroy the enemy’s core! There is certainly a lot to do but here are our Top 5 Tips & Tricks that will help you out. Let’s get started with this Assault Squad Guide.

Assault Squad Guide | Top 5 Tips & Tricks – Warlander

Number 1 – Assault Squad is The Main Army of your Team

Source: Realm Space Gaming

At the start of each game, you will want to actually push with your main team to take control of the first two flags. The first flags that you will want to actually take over are the ones that are in the middle of the map.

This is crucial because once you get these 2 flags in the mid lane, you will actually push the enemies back inside their keep and you can also assist your spec ops Squad with the catapult from there.

Number 2 – Use Your Map

You should always be looking at the top right corner of your screen. The map is your best friend for these types of games. There are lots of new players that focus simply on the PVP and 3rd person aspect that they do not even take a glance at the minimap.

The map will represent and give you all the information you might need. Even if playing solo without other players you can get everything that you’ll need.

This way you will not always know where all your teammates are and if they are coming to help you or not, but also you can detect enemies that might be sneaking and trying to gank you from around you. Very helpful and handy indeed! Watching the mini-map might result in winning more games too, so be sure to use it.

Number 3 – Counter the Enemy Team

Source: Realm Space Gaming

If you notice that your entire team has too many clerics or mages, you will maybe not want to choose one more. Always see what the enemy team might have and choose a direct counter for them. If you have lots of clerics, you will want to choose a Warrior or whatever it is needed in the moment.

Having various types of classes will directly benefit you and increase your chances of victory. You will want to sometimes sacrifice your own pleasure in a class in order to get a better result in the long run. It is a MOBA type of game, so if you solo queue you will go through a lot of trouble when it comes to this. But be the better person and help out your team!

Number 4 – Use Teleport Skill to Move Closer to Your Teammates

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Sometimes you will catch yourself out of your teammate’s area. You will be stranded and alone and most likely open to enemy ganks. Simply use your teleporter to get back to the safety zone of your teammates.

All you’ll need to do is simply press B and select the tower that your team controls. This is also amazing for getting back to safety as well as making a counterattack move that might just win you the game.

Number 5 – Revive your Teammates

Source: Realm Space Gaming

Lots of times you will see warriors or some of the melee classes not going for the revive. They think that the revive option is set for the other classes. Don’t be one of those people!

Whenever you have the chance without the risk of losing your own life you will want to go next to your teammates and actually revive them. Too many players run past their in-game companions’ lives.

Sometimes reviving a teammate might result in winning a crucial battle, which in term will win you the game!

That is everything that you will need to know about becoming a better player in Warlander as part of an Assault Squad. We hope that this guide has given you some quality instructions. If you follow them your will rate will surely go up. A big thank you to Realm Space Gaming from Youtube for covering the details.

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