Tales of Arise: How To Remove Barrier In Autelina Palace

Quickly walk around the palace and eliminate this barrier!

As you traverse the lands of Tales of Arise, you will end up in the 3rd dungeon, the Autelina Palace in order to defeat Venoflage. But we’re not here to talk about the boss battles or the game itself, we’re here to talk about how to take down the barrier in the palace that blocks the way to the Lord’s Chamber. It’s quite easy, but you’ll have to walk around a lot and defeat many, many enemies. If you feel like you are ready, let’s get into it!

How To Remove Barrier In Autelina Palace – Tales of Arise

For this quest, luckly, the whole 1st floor is locked off, so you only need to explore the 2nd floor. There, you will find the Lord’s Chamber blocked off by a barrier. This is where you need to go.

To open this door and remove the barrier, you will need to reach the Lord’s Quarters, which are locked…

To get the key, you will need to get another key, which you can get after reading 2 notes. Complicated, right? Let’s make it easier…

Here are the rooms you need to visit, in chronological order:

Meeting Room

In the meeting room, you will see an exclamation mark over a desk. That’s where you will find the first note you need to read.

The note will tell you of the location of one of the keys you need.

Staff Quarters

In this room, at the end, on the right, you will find another note on a bed. After you read it, you will be able to retrieve the key from the Office for the Noble Room.


After you defeat the many enemies in front of the Office, go inside and you’ll find a key on the desk in the middle.

It’s the key to the Noble Room.

Noble Room

In here you will just have a quick cutscene with information about what you need to do. Just watch it, then continue to the next room.


In the barracks, to the right, you will find a bookcase which has a note with information.

You will now be able to go to the office and find a duplicate key for the Lord’s Quarters.


Once in the Office again, look to the right and find a cabinet with a yellow star over it. After examining it, you will get a duplicate key for the Lord’s Quarters.

Lord’s Quarters

In the Lord’s Quarters you will see a little command screen that you can interact with. That will remove the barrier to the Lord’s Chamber and will let you proceed to the boss battle.

Now just need to go back to the Lord’s Chamber, which you can open, and find Venoflage, who will immediately leave and let you fight he’s pretty powerful minion.

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