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Where To Find Artifact Weapons Easily In Dying Light 2

Get powerful artifact weapons from trailers to fight the infected!

Even though most of the time it is better to sprint away from the infected, there are times when you have to fight them head-on. This is where powerful weapons come in handy. This guide will show you how you can get artifact weapons in Dying Light 2.

Artifact Weapon Locations – Dying Light 2

Weapons are essential in fighting off the infected, and sometimes humans. Artifact Weapons can be a powerful addition to your arsenal. You can find artifact weapons all over the map inside random trailers that you will see on the road.

  • The very first trailer you can find is on the northern side of Houndfield. You need to climb the trailer and drop down the hatch from the roof. The Artifact Weapon will be on the metal shelf next to a crate.
  • Next, go to the central part of the Trinity area to go inside another trailer truck. These weapons will respawn quickly so you can come back for them after doing missions.
  • The next area is in the central part of Downtown. Unlike the first two, you are going to need to progress further in the game to get to this area. Unlock the doorway to the trailer to get the artifact weapon.
  • Head east this time and go to New Dawn Park.

NOTE: The weapons respawn quickly so if you need another one after a mission, be sure to check the trailers. Keep in mind that Bows do not spawn as artifact weapons.

If you see any truck or trailers lying around, be sure to check them to see if you can find an Artifact Weapon lying around.

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