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DYSMANTLE: Southern Cemetery Key Location

Complete the Graveyard Shift quest!

Dysmantle keeps your attention by giving you multiple quests to complete while trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the quests you may encounter is the Graveyard Shift, which can give you further access to the graveyard. 

Southern Cemetery Key Location

Once you accept the quest called Graveyard Shift in the Graveyard Keeper’s house, go outside and head west. Be careful of the zombies in the area. You will see a tall tombstone with a brown color. 

From here, go south and you will find a tombstone that is triangular in shape. Dig here and you will get the Graveyard Key. 

How to Complete the Graveyard Shift

To accept the quest called “Graveyard Shift”, you need to go to the entrance of the Southern Cemetery and enter the house of the Graveyard Keeper. Investigate this area and you will get a clue on the location of the key for the Southern Cemetery. 

After finding the Graveyard Key, use it on the gate to get access to the Graveyard and complete the quest. You will get 6000 EXP it unlocks the Graveyard area for further exploration once you are finished with the quest.



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